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cs6501: "Show-and-Tell"-inar

Meetings: Mondays and Wednesdays, 11am-12:15pm in Rice 536.

Coordinator: David Evans


This course will run differently from a traditional course (lectures) or graduate seminar (paper discussions). The goal is for this course to be more like a "show-and-tell" than a traditional seminar.

The course will be an "open" course, with everyone sharing code, data, and notes through a github organization site. Meetings will be focused around particular questions that can be answered by collecting and analyzing data, as well as building interesting services that use or develop data sets.

Expected Background

The course is listed as a graduate-level seminar, but is open to any students who are both able to contribute well to the seminar and likely to get something worthwhile out of participating in it. Although no particular technical background is required, students should be self-motivated learners who are comfortable with programming and eager to share things they learn with others.


Most course meeting will run as a "show-and-tell", where each participant will tell the class about what you did and show some interesting results. Students can work in small teams (or even a full team of the whole class) to combine efforts and share results.

We will focus our efforts by selecting for each meeting (or multiple weeks) either (1) some specific data set, (2) some particular question, or (3) some technical approach (or perhaps a combination of two or more of these).


The class should produce some things of value beyond just our class.

The class meetings should be interesting and fun for everyone.

Everyone in the class will learn some interesting new things.