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Extensions Documentation #36

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The documentation for building extensions seems to be pretty good. However, I've been unsuccessful at getting extensions to load.

A couple errors when following the documentation:

  1. TypeError: showdown is not a constructor. I've found that removing the () after "new Showdown"
new Showdown().converter({ extensions: 'twitter' });

... seems to help. However, I hit another hurdle.

  1. I keep getting a "TypeError: converter_options.extensions.forEach is not a function". Upon further inspection, the converter_options array is just an array of strings. There is no forEach function assigned to them.

I'm not really sure how to proceed and I haven't seen any working extension examples anywhere. Is there any way they could be included in the example?


@coreyti coreyti added a commit that referenced this issue
@coreyti coreyti [#36] iterate with Showdown.forEach
* browser support: [].forEach is not always available.
* also using Showdown.forEach in the test suite, to set the pattern.
@coreyti coreyti added a commit that referenced this issue
@coreyti coreyti [#36] correct documentation.
Showdown is not a constructor.
@coreyti coreyti added a commit that referenced this issue
@coreyti coreyti [#36] regenerate output e64d1fe

Hi @brianherbert, thanks for the heads-up.

  1. I've corrected the README per your catch.
  2. I suspect you were testing in a browser that does not support Array.forEach (e.g., IE8). I've updated showdown to use the forEach helper it defines and think that should resolve the issue for you.

Please take a look and let me know how it goes.


I'm using Firefox 16 on OSX. When I looked at converter_options and converter_options.extensions in the console, they were strings, not objects.

Anyway, let me give this a shot and see what's up.


It works now! Thanks! I'll go ahead and close this out.

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