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provides debugging support for CoffeeScript by matching JS lines to CS lines
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CS/JS Code Browser

This project lets you see CS and JS code side by side, with lines matched up.

If you would like a tour of the tool, there is a screencast w/audio: (running time 8:54)

Or, just jump in!


  1. Download: git clone git://
  2. Find a directory that has .coffee and .js files in it.
  3. (There's an examples directory in this repo; just run "find . -name '*.coffee' | xargs coffee -c" to get js files.)
  4. Launch the web server, supplying the directory and port number as command line parameters: "node dashboard.js . 3000"
  5. View your CS and JS code in the browser.

Example Usage

  /tmp > git clone git://
  Cloning into CoffeeScriptLineMatcher...

  /tmp > cd CoffeeScriptLineMatcher/

  /tmp/CoffeeScriptLineMatcher > find . -name '*.coffee' | xargs coffee -c

  /tmp/CoffeeScriptLineMatcher > node dashboard.js . 3000
  Server running at http://localhost:3000/
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