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file_utils = require './file_utils'
{render} = require './render_file_list'
list_files = (top_level_dir, get_files, coffee_file_regex, cb) ->
html = """
<link rel="stylesheet" href="./dashboard.css" />
<title>CS/JS Code Browser</title>
<h2>CS/JS Files in #{top_level_dir}</h2>
<a href="./about">About</a>
html += list_files_body top_level_dir, get_files, coffee_file_regex
cb html
list_files_body = (top_level_dir, get_files, coffee_file_regex) ->
cs_files = get_files coffee_file_regex
js_files = get_files /\.js$/
curr_cs_path = null
dirs = []
for cs_file in cs_files
[cs_path, cs_root] = file_utils.split_file cs_file
cs_path = cs_path.join '/'
if cs_path != curr_cs_path
curr_cs_path = cs_path
dir =
path: file_utils.relative_path top_level_dir, cs_path
rows: []
dirs.push dir
row = data_for_file cs_file, cs_root, js_files, top_level_dir
dir.rows.push row
render dirs
data_for_file = (cs_file, cs_root, js_files, top_level_dir) ->
data =
cs_href: "./view?FILE=#{encodeURI cs_file}"
cs_root: cs_root
cs_num_lines: file_utils.get_num_lines_in_file(cs_file)
js_file = file_utils.js_file_for cs_file, js_files
if js_file
data.js_file = js_file
data.js_path = file_utils.relative_path top_level_dir, js_file
exports.list_files = list_files
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