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http = require 'http'
fs = require 'fs'
url = require 'url'
{side_by_side} = require './side_by_side'
{source_line_mappings} = require './cs_js_source_mapping'
{list_files} = require './list_files'
file_utils = require './file_utils'
DIR = null # will be cmd-line arg
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
COFFEE_FILE_REGEX = /\.(coffee|cof)$/
relative_path = (fn) -> file_utils.relative_path DIR, fn
get_files = (regex) -> file_utils.get_files DIR, regex
worst_match = (matches) ->
# debugging code
last = 0
max = 0
worst = null
for match in matches
[cs, js] = match
if cs - last > max
max = cs - last
worst = cs - max + 1
last = cs
"The longest CS section starts at cs:#{worst} (#{max} lines)."
timestamps = (cs_fn, cb) ->
# Return timestamps of our files. Mostly used by AJAX calls to avoid
# unnecessary page refreshes.
cs_files = get_files COFFEE_FILE_REGEX
ts = (fn) -> fs.statSync(fn).mtime.toISOString()
js_files = get_files /\.js$/
js_fn = file_utils.js_file_for cs_fn, js_files
cb get_fingerprint cs_fn, js_fn
get_fingerprint = (cs_fn, js_fn) ->
ts = (fn) -> fs.statSync(fn).mtime.toISOString()
data =
cs: ts cs_fn
if js_fn
data.js = ts js_fn
view_file = (cs_fn, cb) ->
html = """
<title>#{relative_path cs_fn}</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="./dashboard.css" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="view_file.js"></script>
<h4>#{relative_path cs_fn}</h4>
<a href="./">View files</a> (#{DIR})
<a href="./about">About</a>
cs_files = get_files COFFEE_FILE_REGEX
js_files = get_files /\.js$/
throw "illegal file #{cs_fn}" unless cs_fn in cs_files
js_fn = file_utils.js_file_for cs_fn, js_files
add_metadata = ->
finger_print = get_fingerprint cs_fn, js_fn
finger_print = JSON.stringify finger_print, null, " "
html += """
CS_FN = #{JSON.stringify cs_fn};
FINGERPRINT = #{finger_print};
if js_fn is null
html += "<b>No current JS file was found for #{cs_fn}</b>"
return cb html
html += "<b>JS file</b>: #{relative_path js_fn}<br>"
coffee_lines = file_utils.file_lines(cs_fn)
js_lines = file_utils.file_lines(js_fn)
matches = source_line_mappings coffee_lines, js_lines
html += worst_match(matches)
html += side_by_side matches, coffee_lines, js_lines
cb html
about = (cb) ->
cb """
<title>About CoffeeScriptLineMatcher</title>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="./dashboard.css" />
<a href="./">View files</a>
GIT Repository: <a href="#{GIT_REPO}">CoffeeScriptLineMatcher</a>.
This tool lets you view CS and JS code side by side.
The algorithm for matching up CS lines to JS lines is
independent of the compiler itself. I've tested the
algorithm on several CS examples, but unorthodox coding
styles will likely confuse the algorithm. (Long term,
CS itself will have line number support, so this tool
can eventually be patched to use native mappings.)
run_dashboard = (port) ->
server = http.createServer (req, res) ->
serve_page = (html) ->
res.writeHeader 200, 'Content-Type': 'text/html'
res.write html
serve_css = (fn) ->
res.writeHeader 200, 'Content-Type': 'text/css'
res.write fs.readFileSync fn
serve_js = (fn) ->
res.writeHeader 200, 'Content-Type': 'text/javascript'
res.write fs.readFileSync fn
serve_json = (data) ->
res.writeHeader 200, 'Content-Type': 'text/json'
res.write JSON.stringify data, null, ' '
parts = url.parse(req.url, true)
# console.log "Serving #{parts.pathname} #{JSON.stringify parts.query}"
if parts.pathname == '/view'
view_file parts.query.FILE, serve_page
else if parts.pathname == '/timestamps'
timestamps parts.query.FILE, serve_json
else if parts.pathname == '/about'
about serve_page
else if parts.pathname == '/dashboard.css'
serve_css './assets/dashboard.css'
else if parts.pathname == '/view_file.js'
serve_js './assets/view_file.js'
else if parts.pathname == '/'
list_files DIR, get_files, COFFEE_FILE_REGEX, serve_page
else if parts.pathname == '/favicon.ico'
# Patches welcome here, but favicon.ico is kind of pointless
# in a localhost dev tool. Sending the 404 does nothing of
# substance, so this is really just a placeholder.
res.writeHeader 404
catch e
# Right now our code is mostly synchronous, but this won't
# catch async exceptions, so it's just a band-aid for now.
serve_page "Exception: #{e}"
server.listen port
console.log "Server running at http://localhost:#{port}/"
do ->
[ignore, ignore, DIR, port] = process.argv
unless port? and port.match /^\d+/
console.warn "You must supply a directory and port number."
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