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Welcome to showyourwork!, a workflow management tool for open source scientific articles. If you want to make your research article reproducible, extensible, transparent, or just downright awesome, you’ve found the right tool. showyourwork! automates your entire workflow, packaging it into a self-contained recipe that anyone can follow and—at the click of a button—use to reproduce your results.

Please check out the documentation for more information about this project. The quickstart tutorial should get you up and running fairly quickly with a simple workflow. Dig deeper by reading about the command line interface, the recommended project layout, the workflow configuration file, and details about the integration with LaTeX. You can also check out a list of example projects that use showyourwork! here.

showyourwork! is a work in progress, so please look over the issues page if you think you’ve spotted a bug, and feel free to raise a new issue if needed! Community contributions are also most welcome. Make sure to check out our new discussion board!