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This library is obsolete! Python 3.5's collections.OrderedDict was rewritten in C, and is now significantly faster than cyordereddict.OrderedDict for almost all operations.


The Python standard library's OrderedDict ported to Cython. A drop-in replacement that is 2-6x faster.

pip install cyordereddict
CPython (2.6, 2.7, 3.3 or 3.4) and a C compiler. Cython is only required for the dev version.
from cyordereddict import OrderedDict

Python 2.7:

Test Code Ratio (stdlib / cython)
__init__ empty OrderedDict() 1.8
__init__ list OrderedDict(list_data) 4.8
__init__ dict OrderedDict(dict_data) 4.6
__setitem__ ordereddict[0] = 0 8.6
__getitem__ ordereddict[0] 3
update ordereddict.update(dict_data) 5.5
__iter__ list(ordereddict) 5.6
items ordereddict.items() 5.9
__contains__ 0 in ordereddict 2.3

Python 3.4:

Test Code Ratio (stdlib / cython)
__init__ empty OrderedDict() 1.5
__init__ list OrderedDict(list_data) 3.9
__init__ dict OrderedDict(dict_data) 4.2
__setitem__ ordereddict[0] = 0 8.4
__getitem__ ordereddict[0] 2.9
update ordereddict.update(dict_data) 6.5
__iter__ list(ordereddict) 2.3
items list(ordereddict.items()) 2.1
__contains__ 0 in ordereddict 2.3

To run these yourself, use cyordereddict.benchmark()


cyorderedddict.OrderedDict is an extension type (similar to the built-in dict) instead of a Python class. This is necessary for speed, but means that in a few pathological cases its behavior will differ from collections.OrderedDict:

  • The inspect module does not work on cyorderedddict.OrderedDict methods.
  • Extension types use slots instead of dictionaries, so you cannot add custom attributes without making a subclass (e.g., = 'bar' will fail).

You can do anything else you might do with an OrderedDict, including subclassing: everything else passes the collections.OrderedDict test suite. We based the Cython code directly on the Python standard library, and thus use separate code bases for Python 2 and 3, specifically to reduce the potential for introducing new bugs or performance regressions.

MIT. Based on the Python standard library, which is under the Python Software Foundation License.