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Incorrect zoom button handling results in view positioning error #6

thecrypticace opened this Issue April 16, 2012 · 1 comment

2 participants

Jordan Pittman Vadim Shpakovski
Jordan Pittman

If one goes through a series of steps the view in the fixed-size preference pane is laid partially on top of the toolbar.

1. Click "Preferences" button
2. Click "Advanced" tab
3. Click Zoom (green) button
4. Click "General" tab
5. Click Zoom (green) button
6. See the doom of everlasting NSView chaos (also known as the bug)

Link to screen recoding reproducing the above steps:
Link to picture showing aforementioned bug:

Vadim Shpakovski

Thank you for the problem report! I will investigate into this when I have time.

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