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2006-05-30 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.163
* Fixed a bug in GNU_TAR_EXTENSION of unarchive.c. This fix #1666
2006-05-04 pigi (
* Fixed a little bug in makefile that inhibit the compilation from .tar.gz ( missing intercept dir )
2006-04-20 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.162
* Fixed a bad bug introduced in .160 that was blocking the install of a package
2006-04-18 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.161
2006-04-18 pigi (
* Another little fix for the upgrade part.Now alse the prerm and postrm scripts gets deleted before upgrading.
wishing this fix the last troubles in upgrade part.
* Fix for #1585 after the bug introduced with the modify for offline root. ( Again )
2006-03-30 pigi (
* Activated the patch from for the md5 check of package
* Another change in the upgrade part, to handle the ghosts files from an upgraded package
2006-03-30 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.160
* Fix for #1585 after the bug introduced with the modify for offline root.
* Patch from that fix a memory leak
* Not yet activated, but inserted a patch from for the md5 check of package
2006-02-06 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.159
* Another change in the upgrade part, to handle the ghosts files from an upgraded package
* Now it should be ok. Thanks to pb_ for pointing out where to look at.
2006-02-02 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.158
* Modified the way upgrade handle the removing of a package, to be sure that ipkg doesn't break busybox upgrade
* this should fix #1503
2006-01-30 pigi (
* applied patch from pb_ for speed up things in boot ( to avoid multiple configure execution )
* applied patch from <> for 100+ filenames in tar file ( again )!
* applied patch from <> to avoid trouble in offlineroot installations.
2006-01-22 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.157
2006-01-17 pigi (
* Added a check to avoid reading feed files with several options. This should fix #1458 and speed up a lot of executions.
2006-01-12 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.156
* Fixed a length problem for strncpy when "Installing" option added. This fix bug #1456. Thanks to hrw for signaling
2005-12-15 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.155
* Added a function to remove the package that is being upgraded.
* Fixed a problem when installing by hand. Now ipkg knows that a package has been selected by hand,
* and, if every check returns ok, it install the wanted package, instead of selecting one from feed.
* Moreover, now downgrade should works again.
* Fixed the "Replaces" bug. Now ipkg is able to replace a package also if it doesn't conflict.
* Other minor changes in debug options
2005-09-15 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.154
* Corrected a problem when removing a package, caused by an off by one alignement with the "Provides:" String
* Patched for the "depends:" bug introduced after the "Provides:" fix. This fix #1393
* Added a little fix for an off-by-one error in checking for depends.
2005-07-29 pigi (
* Applied a patch for the GNU tar compatibility . Now ipkg can handle filenames > 100 char.
2005-07-29 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.153
* Fixed a problem with Provides:. Now ipkg is able to install foo when foo is provided by bar, and is able to determine the best candidate based on
* package name. This also fix #1328
2005-07-06 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.152
* Fixed a length problem for strncpy after "Downgrading" option added. This fix bug #1373. Thanks to for signaling
2005-06-16 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.151
* Fixed a missing check for null pointers . This fix bug #1358
2005-06-05 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.150
* Added the -force-downgrade option to allow the downgrade of a package
2005-05-11 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.149
* Added the possibility to choice the ipkglibdir from configure ( --with-libipkgdir )
2005-04-10 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.148
2005-04-09 pigi (
* Found a bug in output from error_list. Now every error is printed, also if the functions don't return an error.
* Added a patch to Makefile from Robert Schwebel <>, cleaning things a bit. Thanks to Schwebel
2005-03-30 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.147
* Found a bug in ipkg_install when freeing a cursor
2005-03-28 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.146
* Modified the ipkg_error messaging to collect all the messages at the end of the program
2005-03-26 pigi (
* Little bug in message when "depends broken"
2005-03-14 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.145
* Found a bug in ipkg remove when a package was depending in itself and ipkg where asked to "-recursive"
This fix bug # 1301
* A very little beautify in args.c
2005-03-07 pigi (
* Added the check for md5 in resolv_conf_file. Now ipkg ask for confirmation only it the files differ
2005-02-22 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.144
* A little fix suggested by drw in ipkg_conf.c
* Changed the ipkg.h to be build in automake for oe mechanism . This will enhance the building phase
by honouring the lib hierarchy choose by users
* Changes in automake to honour the new building mechanism
2005-02-20 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.143
* libipkg.h: reverting the previous modify
* ipkg_conf.c: fixing a probable bug in list_dir that fix problems with opie-packagemanager ( tanks to drw for signaling)
2005-02-20 pigi (
* libipkg.h: added some define to fix the broken external interface after 0.99.139 and lists_dir
2005-02-17 pigi (
* pkg_depends.c: applied patch from to remove some c99ism
2005-02-06 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.142
* Fixed the definition of full_write and full_read as per bug #1280
2005-02-06 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.141
* Added space in ipkg_message to give more readible messages
* Corrected a problem when creating the directories in pkg_dest_init
2005-02-05 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.140
* Fixed the bug in ipkg_conf for a wrong pointer.
2005-02-05 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.139
* Fixed the "replaces" problem reported by pb_. Now ipkg is able to resolve a "replace/conflict" reference
* Added the possibility to keep the lists file in a different location. Fullfill enh #1276
2005-02-02 pigi (
* Fixed the problem for SW_DEINSTALL in remove. Fix #1274
* Fixed the problem issued from florian. This also fix the bug #520 HardLink are now supported
2005-01-18 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.138
* libbb.h: patch for the uclib
2005-01-14 pigi (
* ipkg_install.c: applied patch from to remove some c99ism
2005-01-14 jamey ( )
* pkg_hash.c: applied patch from Jean Tourrilhes to allow default
arch to be different than host arch
2005-01-10 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.137
* fixed a little, but annoying bug when writing the status file.
2005-01-10 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.136
* Lot of memory leak fixes from Benjamin Pineau <>
* Fix for the Provides, that weren't able to "protect" their dependants while removing.
Now the remove should be safer.
* removed the replace.h stuff from automake .ac/.in files. This should align to oe
2005-01-06 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.135
* Various fix for dependencies in control files
2005-01-06 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.134-1 for fixing a problem with cvs tag on previous version
2005-01-06 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.134
* Added a new option for listing only the installed packages. Asked by pb_ but really important
* Little modification to
* removed fileutils dependencies that has disappeared from 0.8 in
2004-11-18 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.133
* Fix for preserve date and time when extracting a package. Thanks to <>
2004-10-07 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.132
* Little fix on available blocks calculation. Thanks to for founding it.
* this fix #1259
2004-09-20 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.131
* Added a lot of debug info in DEBUG2
* Added a check in ipkg_install.c to permit replacing of existing file when installing a package
* from a file ( not an upgrade ) when ipkg find a file clash but the owner of the package is the
* same. That should fix the #1246
2004-09-02 pigi (
* Version update to 0.99.130
* Added patch from pb_ for bug #1251. A lot of thanks to Phil
2004-09-02 pigi (
* Some changes on output messages to be a little bit clear
2004-09-01 pigi (
* Applied patches from pb_ (bug #1244)
* Added EXTRADIST = ipkg.c and others in as in the ipkg.c was missing. (
reported by )
* Version update to 0.99.129
2004-08-19 Florian <>
* Version update to 0.99.128
* libipkg.c, ipkg_cmd.c: Fixed return value zero if installation
failed. Changed text because failing to install a package
is not necessarily a bug :-)
*, libbb/ Removed autogenerated files.
2004-08-18 Florian <>
* Two more fixed memory leaks. Contributed by Nils Faerber.
2004-08-17 Florian <>
* Fix to avoid major memory leak due to multiple initialising
of hash tables. Contributed by Nils Faerber.
2004-07-20 pigi (
* updated to 0.99.127
* Applied patch from (Felix Domke) to fix some problems when in use on platforms
* different from arm. Fixes big #1234
2004-06-15 pigi (
* updated to 0.99.126
2004-06-12 florian <>
* Added some missing headers to the list.
* Fixed hardcoded prefix... tsts
2004-06-12 pigi (
* pb_ patch for setuid bit in unarchive
2004-06-05 pigi (
* updated to 0.99.125
* modified almost all reference to xregexec in fnmatch ( as adviced by zap).
This should fix every problem with strange character in package name when using regex in functions
( as per info_status_cmd or remove ). #1220
2004-05-21 pigi (
* updated to 0.99.124
* import the kergoth patch for to fix the linking problems on arch <> arm
* added the ipkg remove <regexp> feature.
* fixed the ipkg usage message, 'cause in "ifdef LIBIPKG" we don't have the ipkg info field version.
* added the message "No package removed" if no package has been removed. This to avoid misunderstanding
with the successfully done message at the exit of execution.
2004-05-16 pigi (
* updated to 0.99.122-3
* Anothere little fix. Added the version number in This should fix definitelly the problem with dependencies
2004-05-16 pigi (
* updated to 0.99.122-2
* New subrelease released to correct the problem for dependencies (libipkg >= 0.99.122-1) in ipkg control file
2004-05-14 pigi (
* updated to 0.99.122-1
* needed for a recompilation with the libtool updated. This could fix the #1209 created by my old libtool version
* cleaned the cvs dir by removing the really unneeded busybox directory
2004-05-10 pigi (
* updated to 0.99.122
* pb_, cworth and I discussed a bit on ipkg output to users. We agreed on removing some confusing
* messages, moving them to a debug level of verbosity.
* I do added also some message to user indicating the phase ipkg is in, and a global ending message
* informing the user for the status of operation.
* This fixes the #1206, and hopefully does not introduce others ;-)
2004-05-03 pigi (
* updated to 0.99.121
* reenoo__ found a problem with depend lines > 1023, and pb fixed it. Thanks to both,
* This should fix #1204.
2004-04-08 pigi (
* updated to 0.99.120
* pb found another one. The configure cmd now will set the correct values in status file
* #1196 fixed
2004-04-07 pigi (
* updated to 0.99.119
* pb found another one. Commiting his patch, elegant as usual :)
2004-03-29 jamey (
* updated to 0.99.118
2004-03-29 pigi (
* pb_ asked me to have a command to change the status of a package betwenn installed and unpacked.
and I did it.
* I' ve also included the fix for the empty lists as for bug # 1136 reported and suggested by
2004-03-17 pigi (
* Added the implement for Essential in status file. This is needed to avoid the unintentional remove
of essential packages. In effect the command "ipkg remove ipkg" worked without problems, but then
it was difficult to reinstall. This fix the bug # 867
2004-03-15 jamey <>
* updated to 0.99.117
2004-03-10 pigi (
* Added the check for *alloc in every source. I needed to modify some function ehre and there
to check the return values from function allocating memory, but hopefully it should be all right now.
* Added the check for at least a package for remove ( it was removing everithing if no pkgname followed the
remove option.
2004-03-09 pigi (
* Added a flag to disble the checking of directories when the command does not need to
read anything from there. Fix bug #1096
2004-03-09 pigi (
* Changes to correct the behaviour of verbosity. Now the "0" works, and the "1" is again
the default.
This fixes the bug #1099
2004-03-07 pigi (
* Minimal changes for a clean compile in libipkg.c ( so we can close the bug# 1119 )
2004-03-03 pigi (
* Missing \n in Size and Source Fields.
2004-03-03 pigi (
* Florian noticed a free missiing in ipkg_cmd.c ( should sleep more at night )
it was in an (almost) unsed part of the code ( old code ) but, just in case...
* Changed a comment in pkg.c ( it was in italian ) and added a bit of explain in
2004-03-02 jamey <>
* updated to 0.99.116
* pkg.h: from Pigi: pkg_formatted_info and pkg_formatted_field now allocate the strings they fill in
* pkg.c, ipkg_cmd.c: from Pigi: updated to the new pkg.h interface
2004-02-29 florian <>
pkg.c: Pigi and me poked around a little bit and located the cause of
latest segfault. strncat is not used correctly in pkg_formatted_info
and pkg_formatted_field. I added a fix to the only section that
triggered the bug and increased a buffer size.
BUT: There are many similar bugs remaining!
2004-02-24 jamey <>
* updated to 0.99.115
* ipkg_cmd.c: segv caught by pigi: buffer freed in loop but used on next iterations. bug squashed.
* user.c: realloc question buffer if it is too short so that messages are not truncated.
2004-02-20 jamey <>
* updated to 0.99.114
* libbb/unarchive.c: patch from fix erroneous invalid header checksum message
2004-02-19 jamey <>
* update to 0.99.113
* libipkg.c: patch from drw to fix ipkg list
2004-02-19 florian <>
* Some minor changes to make code compile on more compilers.
2004-02-14 jamey <>
* updated to 0.99.112
* libbb/unarchive.c: copied in oldgnu tar compatibility mode from latest busybox.
2004-02-13 jamey <>
* updated to 0.99.111
* pkg.c: wim delvaux's patch for status file in other destinations
2004-01-23 florian <>
* Applied Dan's patch that adds a package download command to
2004-01-20 florian <>
* Applied Dan's changes to work incuded from a C++ app.
2004-01-15 jamey
* updated to 0.99.110
* libipkg.c: added default callbacks for output
* ipkg_conf.c: default verbosity to 1
2004-01-12 jamey
* updated to 0.99.109
* ipkg_install.c: fix potential segv sprintf_alloc with fewer args than required by format string (yay valgrind)
* sprintf_alloc.c: add null pointer checking
2004-01-12 jamey
* updated to 0.99.108
*, familiar/: use ipkg-cl as default executable, install as ipkg via update-alternatives
2004-01-12 jamey
* updated to 0.99.107
* void_list.c: check for null data
* pkg.c: check for null pointers
2003-12-23 florian <>
* Added void* parameter to some callbacks.
2003-12-02 florian <>
* Added familiar/, which is a prototype of
control file for ipkg-cl package creation.
2003-12-01 florian <>
* added ipkg command line tool using libipkg, binary is known as ipkg-cl
* ipkg-frontend.c: source for this tool
* libbb/ Removed changing of CFLAGS, this avoids a nasty warning.
* Same fix and addition of new target creating ipkg-cl.
* removed, libtool which seem to be created by autostuff
2003-12-01 jamey
* updated to 0.99.106
* pkg.c, ipkg_conf.c: check for null pointers (null pkg->dest in particular)
2003-11-11 jamey
* updated to 0.99.105
* ipkg_conf.c: added verbosity option to conf file
2003-11-11 jamey
* updated to 0.99.104
* ipkg_install.c: removed spurious calls to fflush, remove obsolete maintainer scripts on upgrade
* ipkg_remove.c: remove unused function: remove_conffiles
2003-11-11 jamey
* updated to 0.99.103
*, pkgconfig for libipkg
* ipkg_conf.c, pkg.c: check for error on fopen
* pkg_hash.c: reduced verbosity
* libtool: arm-linux-strip does not support --strip-debug on .a files
2003-11-10 jamey
* updated to 0.99.102
* ipkg_cmd.c: compute architecture_priority of packages in database before doing download command
* conffile.c file_util.[ch] ipkg_install.c: better separation of installation root filenames and actual filenames
* pkg.h: added prototype for pkg_free_installed_files
2003-11-10 jamey
* updated to 0.99.101
* libipkg changes
* generate .list files from file_hash
2003-11-05 jamey
* updated to 0.99.100
* ipkg_install.c: fix segv: was passing conflictee->parent instead of conflictee
2003-10-08 jamey
* updated to 0.99.99
* ipkg_install.c: use the root_dir after stripping off offline_root prefix
2003-10-08 jamey
* updated to 0.99.98
* pkg_hash.c: fixed segv if replaced_by->len was 0
* ipkg_cmd.c: ipkg remove with no arguments will remove non-user leaf packages
* ipkg_remove.[ch]: export pkg_has_installed_dependents
* pkg_depends.c: add pkg->parent to pkg->provides
* ipkg_install.c: strip offline_root prefix off of conffile name so comparing the md5sums should work
* pkg.c: missing comma added
2003-10-01 jamey
* updated to 0.99.97
* ipkg_cmd.c: added whatdependsrec command to show what recursively depends on a package or packages
* pkg_vec.[ch]: added pkg_vec_clear_marks and pkg_vec_mark_if_matches
* args.c: usage string updated
2003-09-28 jamey
* updated to 0.99.96
* ipkg_conf.c: adjusted verbosity
* ipkg_install.c: only remove replacee if it is also conflicted, per debian standard
* pkg_depends.c: only add to replaced_by if it also conflicts, per debian standard
added pkg_provides, pkg_replaces, pkg_conflicts
* pkg_hash.c: adjusted verbosity
2003-09-28 jamey
* updated to 0.99.95
* args.[ch], ipkg_cmd.c, ipkg_conf.[ch], ipkg_download.c, ipkg_install.c, ipkg_remove.c, pkg.[ch]:
Implemented -test mode for ipkg.
2003-09-28 jamey
* updated to 0.99.94
* pkg_hash.c: fix pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate so
that one can install another provider of an installed package name
2003-09-26 jamey
* updated to 0.99.93
* ipkg_install.c: corrected message level depending on conf->force_depend
* ipkg_conf.c: check for duplicate src entries
* nv_pair_list.[ch]: added nv_pair_list_find
2003-09-16 jamey
* updated to 0.99.92
* pkg_depends.c: some paranoia to try to avoid segv
* void_list.c: silenced message about elt not being found
2003-09-11 jamey
* updated to 0.99.91
* pkg_depends.c: added pkg_depend_str to fetch right kind of dependence string based on dependence index
Use this in add_unresolved_dep.
* pkg_depends.h: declaration of pkg_depend_str
2003-08-22 11:02 jamey
* updated to 0.99.90
* str_list.[ch]: added str_list_alloc(), added str_list_remove_elt()
* void_list.[ch]: added void_list_remove_elt()
* pkg_parse.c: added parsing of Source field
* pkg_hash.c: updated old_pkg->installed_files list when setting file owner if it was previously owned by old_pkg
* pkg_extract.c: use installed_file list if it exists in pkg_extract_data_file_names_to_file
* pkg.[ch]: added pkg_write_filelist() and pkg_write_changed_filelists()
* ipkg_remove.c: do not call ipkg_conf_write_status_files from ipkg_remove
* ipkg_install.c: use ipkg_write_filelist()
* ipgk_cmd.c: after writing status file, write any changed pkg filelists
2003-08-20 11:02 jamey
* updated to 0.99.89
* pkg.c: print Source field in pkg_print_info
2003-08-06 18:34 jamey
* updated to 0.99.88
* pkg_hash: bug 942, declare internal induction variable
* ipkg_cmd.c, ipkg_conf.[ch], pkg_src.[ch], pkg_src_list.[ch]: bug 604, support Packages.gz
2003-08-06 18:34 jamey
* updated to 0.99.87
* pkg.c: remove extra printing of Suggests field
* pkg_vec.c: merge Status field only from current database, rest of Package info from Packages files
* pkg_depends.c: print info about recommendations as Notice instead of DEBUG
2003-07-11 18:34 jamey
* updated to 0.99.86
* ipkg.h, ipkg_cmd.c, ipkg_configure.c, ipkg_install.c, ipkg_remove.c: only write status file if something changed.
2003-07-11 18:34 jamey
* updated to 0.99.85
* pkg.c, pkg.h, pkg_depends.c, pkg_depends.h, pkg_parse.c: bug 885:
add recommends and suggests
* args.c, ipkg_cmd.c, ipkg_cmd.h: add ipkg configure command
* pkg_vec.c: apply patch for bug 883
2003-05-11 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.84
* pkg.c, ipkg-compare-versions.c: fix problem where . and - were not treated as separators in version comparison
2003-04-11 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.83
* ipkg_install.c: use pkg->installed_size instead of pkg->size
* ipkg_cmd.c, ipkg_conf.c: put lists under offline_root if specified
2003-04-11 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.82
* pkg_hash.c: ignore Replaces directive when a package replaces itself
2003-04-10 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.81
* pkg.c: clear state_want and state_flags for any uninstallable package
2003-04-10 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.80
* pkg.c: pkg_merge was intermingling depends and predepends from
old and new pkg, and was ignoring conflicts and replaces
* pkg_depends.c: cleaned up interface to parseDepends
2003-04-07 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.79
* pkg_hash.c: default architecture to host_cpu if unspecified
* ipkg_install.c, ipkg_download.c: refuse to install package with no architecture
2003-04-07 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.78
* args.[ch], ipkg_conf.[ch]: added query_all (-A)
* ipkg_cmd.c: finished implementing whatdepends, whatrequires, whatprovides, and whatconflicts
2003-04-03 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.77
* ipkg_cmd.c: implemented whatdepends
* ipkg_conf.c: fixed typo
2003-04-03 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.76
* args.c: was zeroing args structure too late
* ipkg_conf.c: test for existence of /etc/ipkg.conf before trying to load it
2003-04-03 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.75
* familiar/rules: update postinst only to generate ipaqarch.conf if none exists
* args.[ch]: added -t or --tmp-dir option to specify tmp-dir
2003-04-03 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.74
* ipkg_cmd.c: avoid segv by only calling xregfree after xregcomp was called
* pkg_hash.c: prefer pkgs that are marked hold/prefer, next
abstract pkgs that are installed, next latest pkg if one provider,
give up if multiple providers are acceptable -- let user decide
2003-04-03 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.73
* pkg_hash.c: remove latest_installed heuristic because it prevents upgrades.
2003-04-03 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.72
* pkg_hash.c: check for unresolved packages (apkg->provided_by->len == 0), better messages.
2003-04-03 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.71
* pkg.c: Added pkg_name_version_and_architecture_compare and abstract_pkg_name_compare
* ipkg_cmd.c: allow multiple fields for info and status command.
Allow posix regexp's for package name in status, info, and list
* pkg_remove.c: fixed type error
* xregex.h: added xregfree
* pkg_hash.c: Provides functionality seems to be working again
2003-04-02 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.70
* args.c, args.h, ipkg_conf.c, ipkg_conf.h, ipkg_install.c: implemented nodeps option
* pkg_vec.[ch]: added [abstract_]pkg_vec_{contains,sort}
* pkg.c: print which script not being run in offline root mode
2003-04-02 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.69
* pkg_vec.c: compare architecture to architecture, not to name
* ipkg_utils.c: do not exit, instead return NULL
* ipkg_install.c: do not exit, instead return -EINVAL
* ipkg_download.c: make sure to set pkg dest
* ipkg_cmd.c: notice instead of info for writing status file message
2003-04-02 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.68
* pkg_vec.c, pkg_depends.c: pkg_t's are the same if they have same name, version, and architecture
2003-04-01 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.67
* ipkg_install.c: one last check for supported architecture in ipkg_install_pkg
* pkg.c: make pkg_print_field less fragile by using strcasecmp,
added support to print Conflicts
* pkg_hash.c: if multiple candidates with right architecture
satisfy constraint_fcn, return latest version
* ipkg_cmd.c: when verbosity > 1, show if conffiles have been
modified in info command
* hash_table.c, hash_table.h: count number of elements in hash
* file_util.c: explicitly use unsigned char
* conffile.c: more debugging info
2003-04-01 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.66
* pkg_depends.c: fixed what seemed to be glaring deficiency in version_constraints_satisfied
* pkg_hash.c: more debug info
* pkg_parse.c, pkg.c: added Installed-Time as field saved to status file
2003-04-01 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.65
* ipkg_cmd.c, ipkg_conf.c: applied ipkg dest installation patch from Ben Lau <>
* ipkg_cmd.c: fixed probably segv when using offline_root, fixed problem installing from local file.
* ipkg_conf.c:
- Do not add default architectures if ipkg configuration files include architecture definitions.
- Look for /etc/ipkg/*.conf under offline root if using offline root mode
* void_list.h: added void_list_empty()
* nv_pair_list.h: added nv_pair_list_empty()
2003-03-28 14:30 Jamey Hicks <>
* 0.99.64
* pkg_hash.c: change fprintf stderr to ipkg_message
* pkg.h: added SF_MARKED and abstract_pkg_t state_flag field
* pkg.c: include Provides, Replaces, and Architecture in status
* ipkg_remove.c: make sure to print each dependent package only
* ipkg_message.h: added IPKG_DEBUG2
* ipkg_install.c: modify message and level depending on
* ipkg_cmd.c: call pkg_info_preinstall_check before any
install/upgrade/remove action
* ChangeLog,, includes.h,
ipkg_conf.c, ipkg_remove.c, pkg.c, pkg.h, update-alternatives,
xregex.h: applied kergoth's update-alternatives patch
* ipkg_cmd.c, ipkg_remove.c: remove maybe_broken_removal... which
was an expensive no-op; before removing package, make sure that
nothing is installed that depends on the apkgs **provided** by a
* pkg.h: mark for future cleanup
* ChangeLog: 0.99.62, adds architecture priority, better handling
of file obsolescence and package replacements in progress
2003-03-27 18:26 jamey
* accidentally committed /usr/local/bin calls
* ipkg_conf.c: needed a strdup, set default verbosity back to 0
* familiar/postinst: default architecture priorities
*,, ipkg_cmd.c, ipkg_conf.c, pkg.c:
both name and value in nv_pair_list must be actual strings
* pkg_hash.c: do not try to invoke NULL constraint_fcn
* ipkg_install.c: added file_hash_{set,get}_file_owner, created
* ipkg_conf.c, ipkg_conf.h, ipkg_remove.c, pkg.c, pkg_hash.c,
pkg_hash.h: added file_hash_{set,get}_file_owner
* hash_table.c: check for key already being present in
* update to 0.99.63
* ipkg_hash_test.c: update due to new prototypes
* ipkg_conf.c: missed a conversion from str_list to nv_pair_list
* ipkg_install.c: minor tweaks
* pkg.c, pkg.h: added pkg_info_preinstall_check to update
* pkg_depends.c, pkg_depends.h: use constrained
pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate in
* pkg_hash.c, pkg_hash.h, ipkg_cmd.c, ipkg_upgrade.c: split
pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate into a by name and a
constrained version
* ipkg_install.c: block SIGINT while doing core of package
installation (single package)
* ipkg_conf.c, ipkg_conf.h: support for architecture priority
* pkg_depends.c: cleanup, reindent
* pkg.c, pkg.h: support for architecture_priority
* ipkg_cmd.c: installed SIGINT handler when upgrading or removing,
support for architecture_priority
* pkg_hash.c: added support for architecture priority, reindented
* pkg_vec.c: minor cleanup
2003-03-24 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.61
* familiar/postinst: mkdir -p /etc/ipkg
2003-03-24 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.61
* ipkg_conf.c: read configuration from all *.conf files in /etc/ipkg/
* familiar/postinst: create /etc/ipkg/*.conf according to platform ipkg is installed on
2003-03-20 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.60
* various: added support for package architectures
* do not test for malloc
2003-03-17 Aman Gupta <>
* updated to 0.99.59
* args.c: show all verbosity levels in usage info
* args.h: changed default verbosity level to 1
* ipkg_cmd.c: ipkg_multiple_files_scan() was useless, switch to using
* ipkg_install.c: fix --force-reinstall
* ipkg_remove.c: stop removing of modified conffiles
2003-03-04 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.56
* ipkg_message.c: show error messages by default
* ipkg_message.h: protect against multiple inclusion
* conffile.[ch]: switch to ipkg_message, added conf argument to conffile_has_been_modified
* ipkg.h: move EXTENSION macros here
* pkg_depends.c: minor cleanup
* pkg.h: added prefer and obsolete flags
* pkg.c: parse and unparse SF_PREFER and SF_OBSOLETE
* ipkg_install.[ch]:
- added {pkg,name}_mark_dependencies_for_installation,
- added conf argument to conffile_has_been_modified
* ipkg_remove.c: added conf argument to conffile_has_been_modified
* ipkg_download.c: added ipkg_prepare_for_install
2003-03-01 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.55
* ipkg.h: wrap #if 0 around definition of of IPKG_DEBUG_NO_TMP_CLEANUP
2003-03-01 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.54
* ipkg_install.c: make old package SW_DEINSTALL during ipkg installation
* ipkg_cmd.[ch]: added some code to install packages marked SW_INSTALL, but have not enabled this code yet.
2003-03-01 Jamey Hicks <>
* updated to 0.99.53
* pkg_depends.c: let SW_INSTALL satisfy dependences (instead of SS_INSTALL)
2003-03-01 Daniele Nicolodi <>
* ipkg_install.c: indentation fixes and finish switch to message
* ipkg_cmd.c: indentation fixes, switch to message facility and
some code cleanup
* ipkg_message.c (ipkg_message): check for a NULL *conf parameter
* ipkg_message.h: renamed IPKG_ERR in IPKG_ERROR
2003-02-28 Jamey Hicks <> (patch from Daniele Nicolodi <>)
* incremented version to 0.99.5
* ipkg_message.[ch]: added message facility
* args.[ch]: verbosity control
* ipkg_conf.[ch]: verbosity control
* ipkg_install.c: switch to using message factility
2003-02-28 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version to 0.99.51
* ipkg_cmd.c: added ipkg_statisfy_all_dependences, called after
install/upgrade of packages to handle packages that were split and
no longer provide all the resources they used to provide.
2003-02-27 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version to 0.99.50
* ipkg_cmd.c: write out status after doing an upgrade
2003-02-27 Jamey Hicks <> (another patch from pb)
* incremented version to 0.99.49
* pkg_parse.c, pkg.c: do not treat deb revision specially
2003-02-27 Jamey Hicks <> (another patch from pb)
* incremented version number to 0.99.48
* args.c: added help for ipkg flags sub-command
* ipkg_cmd.c: added ipkg_flag_cmd, do not upgrade package marked hold
* ipkg_install.c: do not remove obsolesced files if old_pkg is flagged noprune
* ipkg_remove.c: pkg->state_flag is a bitvector now
* pkg.c: pkg->state_flag is a bitvector now
* pkg.h: pkg->state_flag is a bitvector now
2003-02-27 Jamey Hicks <> (another patch from pb)
* incremented version number to 0.99.47
* pkg.c: refix "uninstalled package has NULL tmp_unpack_dir"
* pkg_hash.c:
2003-02-27 Aman Gupta <> (another patch from pb_)
* incremented version number to 0.99.46
* pkg.c: fix "uninstalled package has NULL tmp_unpack_dir"
2003-02-24 Jamey Hicks <> (per patch from Philip Blundell <>)
* incremented version to 0.99.45
* file_util.c: include space for null in line_size
* ipkg_cmd.c: sigint handler while configuring packages
* ipkg_install.c: state_status != SS_INSTALLED and != SS_UNPACKED
* ipkg_remove.c: missing i++
* pkg.c: do not run scripts in offline_root mode
* pkg_depends.c: every package provides itself
* pkg_hash.c: better handling of packges provided by multiple providers
2003-02-24 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.44
* args.c: added doc for -force-overwrite
2002-11-26 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.43
* ipkg_install.c: completely skip the space check when -force_space asserted
2002-11-23 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.42
* args.c: missed one spot checking for -force_space or -force-space
2002-11-23 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.41
* ipkg_install.c: added -force_space option to override out of space check
2002-11-23 Aman Gupta <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.40
* ipkg_configure.c: updated to match new text output format
* ipkg_install.c: updated to new text output format
fixed problems where ipks installed from file or
http were being installed over newer ipks of the
same name
* ipkg_remove.c: updated to new text output format
made ipkg remove do what ipkg purge originally did,
by having it remove conffiles, and status entries for
ipks that are removed. ipkg_purge now calls
2002-11-22 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.39
* applied patches from Aman Gupta for better handling of dests
2002-11-?? Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.38
2002-11-07 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.37
* hash_table.[ch]: moved internals of hash_tables out of pkg_hash.c
* pkg_hash.c: moved internals of hash_tables out of pkg_hash.c
2002-10-29 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.37
* ipkg_cmd.c: ipkg_upgrade_cmd now installs uninstalled packages
instead of getting a segv
2002-10-29 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.36
* changed verbose_get to verbose_wget as documented
2002-08-08 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.34
* ipkg_cmd.c: fixed problem stringifying HOST_CPU
* helped fix problem stringifying HOST_CPU
2002-08-08 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.33
* ipkg_cmd.c, args.c: added print-architecture and print-installation-architecture commands
* added defines for HOST_CPU and BUILD_CPU to CFLAGS and package: target
2002-08-08 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.32
* pkg.c: removed chroot breakage
2002-08-07 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.31
* other: applied multiple providers patch from philip blundell
* ipkg_cmd.c: implemented compare_versions cmd
2002-07-25 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.30
* ipkg_conf.c: added offline_root_pre_script_cmd and offline_root_post_script_cmd
* pkg.c: execute scripts in chroot'ed environment running
pre_script_cmd and post_script_cmd before and after the pkg script.
2002-07-24 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.29
* pkg.c: fixed a segv when printing Replaces field
2002-07-24 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.28
* ipkg_cmd.c: merged functionality from ipkg_install_cmd into
ipkg_upgrade_cmd with an eye towards unifying these two commands.
* ipkg_install.c: installing a package that replaces other
packages removes them first. (Upgrade does not do replacements automatically).
* ipkg_remove.c: ipkg_remove_pkg will remove a package with
installed dependents if state_flag == SF_REPLACE.
2002-07-24 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.27
2002-07-23 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.26
* renamed pkg_vec_init/pkg_vec_deinit to pkg_vec_alloc/pkg_vec_free
* started implementation of Replaces
2002-07-22 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.25
* many cleanups trying to regain stability
2002-07-22 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.24
* various files: trying to stomp a segv in conflicts checking.
2002-07-17 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.23
* ipkg_remove.c: do not do recursive removal if force-depends is
* other-files: other cleanups to reduce code clutter
2002-07-16 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.22
* user.[ch]: moved user interaction procedure here
* args.[ch], ipkg_conf.[ch]: added force_removal_of_dependent_packages
* pkg.h: added state_status to abstract_pkg_t
* ipkg_remove.c: If package has installed dependents, then only
remove if force_removal_of_dependent_packages is asserted in
ipkg.conf or on command line. Will add user interaction option later.
2002-07-16 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.21 after
applying dependent removal and conflicts patch.
2002-07-14 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.20
* ipkg_download.c: removed useless -N flag from wget
* update-alternatives: 'head -1' -> 'head -n 1', no sort -k 2 for busybox
2002-07-15 Karthikeyan K <>
* ipkg_remove.c (ipkg_remove_dependant_pkgs): removed setting the
dependencies_checked variable in the while loop b4 actually checking
the dependencies of that package.
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_multiple_files_scan): added check for ".ipk" and
".deb" extension, so that no caching is attempted on arguments that
are not local files
* pkg_depends.c (pkg_hash_fetch_conflicts): while returning NULL,
casted to (pkg_vec_t *) to compile without warnings
2002-07-12 Abhaya Shenoy <>
* pkg_depends.c (pkg_hash_fetch_conflicts): use new abstract_pkg_vec
structure in checking provided_by
2002-07-07 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.18
* fixed a segv due to type error in provides support
2002-07-07 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.17
* updated provides support so that installed provider is preferred to
uninstalled provider
2002-07-05 Abhaya Shenoy <>
* pkg_depends.c (pkg_hash_fetch_conflicts): check for conflicts
found before returning
2002-07-04 Abhaya Shenoy <>
* ipkg_install.c (check_conflicts_for): new function to call
pkg_hash_fetch_conflicts and print offending packages
(ipkg_install_pkg): added call to check_conflicts_for
* pkg.c (pkg_merge): provides from oldpkg should be given
(pkg_init): init of conflicts, conflicts_count fields
* pkg.h (struct pkg): added fields conflicts_str, conflicts,
* pkg_depends.c (pkg_hash_fetch_conflicts): new function to check
for conflicts
(buildConflicts): new function to set up the conflicts in the pkg
* pkg_depends.h: added new type CONFLICTS to depend_type enum
* pkg_hash.c (hash_insert_pkg): added call to buildConflicts
* pkg_parse.c (pkg_parse_raw): added parsing of Conflicts
2002-07-04 Karthikeyan K <>
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_multiple_files_scan): new function to handle installation
of already downloaded files
(ipkg_install_cmd): added call to ipkg_multiple_files_scan
(ipkg_remove_cmd): added call to possible_broken_removal_of_packages
* ipkg_install.c (ipkg_install_pkg): added check to remove redundant upgrade
when a package to be installed is already installed as a dependancy of
* ipkg_remove.c (possible_broken_removal_of_packages): new fnuction
to check that all packages can be removed, before actually starting to
remove them
(ipkg_remove_dependant_pkgs): new function to remove dependant packages
(ipkg_remove_pkg): added call to ipkg_remove_dependant_pkgs
* pkg.c (abstract_pkg_init): initialized dependencies_checked
* pkg_hash.c (pkg_hash_dump): added more information to hash dump
2002-07-03 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.16
* ipkg_install.c: defensive programming in case pkg contains no Size: clause
2002-07-02 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.15
* pkg_depends.c: check for provided_by when fetching unsatisfied dependencies
2002-07-02 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.14
* pkg_hash.c: if abstract pkg is provided_by, then return pkg vec
of first package that provides it.
2002-06-17 Jamey Hicks <>
* incremented version number to 0.99.12
* args.h, ipkg_conf.h, ipkg_install.c: Added force_overwrite
option. When this is asserted, ipkg will overwrite files that
have no owner or that belong to other packages.
* ipkg_conf.c, ipkg_dest.c: Update status file atomically, keeping
old copy of status file if cannot update new status file. Applied
patch from Jukka Santala for this fix.
2002-03-16 Carl Worth <>
* Incremented version number to 0.99.9-1.
* RELEASE_NOTES: Added release notes for 0.99.9-1.
2002-03-15 Carl Worth <>
* Incremented version number to 0.99.9.
* RELEASE_NOTES: Added release notes for 0.99.9.
* (bin_PROGRAMS): Install update-alternatives as well.
* familiar/rules (binary-arch): Mv all of /bin to /usr/bin
* Incremented version number to 0.99.8.
* RELEASE_NOTES: Added release notes for 0.99.8.
* familiar/rules (binary-arch): Fixed to use "make install-strip"
rather than "make install" and a strip command.
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_install_cmd): Moved an error message up from
ipkg_install_by_name, (eventually all error messages should come
up out of what will become libipkg, (pkg.c, ipkg_install.c, etc.)
and into ipkg_cmd.c and friends).
(ipkg_upgrade_pkg): Pushed downgrade check down into
ipkg_install_by_name so that "ipkg install foo" will do the
downgrade check.
* ipkg.h: Rename some ipkg_error_t error codes to be more
* ipkg_install.c (resolve_conffiles): Added missing removal of
backed-up modified conffiles, (which led to bizarre, bogus
conffile prompting the next time the package was upgraded).
(user_prefers_old_conffile): Fixed reversed arguments to diff in
interactive conffiles prompting.
(ipkg_install_by_name): Fixed "ipkg install foo" to never
downgrade foo, (just like "ipkg upgrade foo").
* familiar/rules: Added installation of
/usr/share/doc/ipkg/copyright file. Fixed so that ipkg.conf goes
to /etc, not /usr/etc, (but still keep binary in /usr/bin not
/bin). Changed name of installed binary from ipkg-unstable to
* familiar/ (Package): Changed package name from
ipkg-unstable to ipkg.
* pkg_parse.c (parseVersion): Fixed to ignore whitespace at
beginning of version string.
(pkg_parse_raw): Fixed segfault if a package record list ends with
a package paragraph without a final blank line.
* ipkg_install.c (check_data_file_clashes): Improved wording of
file clash error message.
* ipkg_download.c (ipkg_download_pkg): Fixed segfault if package
has no src, (occurs if package had benn installed locally, then
was removed (but not purged), then tried to reinstall eithout it
existing in any /usr/lib/ipkg/lists/* file).
* etc/ipkg.conf: Added a default ipkg.conf to the distribution.
2002-03-13 Carl Worth <>
* Incremented version to 0.99.7.
* RELEASE_NOTES: Added release notes for 0.99.7.
* pkg.c (pkg_run_script): Added support to export
IPKG_OFFLINE_ROOT. This is really a nasty hack as it means scripts
need to be modified to check IPKG_OFFLINE_ROOT. I'd really prefer
coming up with a good, reliable chroot system. But for now this
will let update-alternatives work, (which already does examine
(pkg_run_script): Added missing brace.
* ipkg_conf.c (ipkg_conf_init): Reworked significantly to properly
set up the pkg_dest_list stuff to account for offline_root.
* args.c (args_parse): Added support for -force_defaults in
addition to -force-defaults, etc. as I kept mistyping these
2002-03-12 Carl Worth <>
* Incremented version to 0.99.6.
* RELEASE_NOTES: Added release notes for 0.99.6.
* ipkg_download.c (ipkg_download): Fixed bug in handling of
"file://" URLs.
* ipkg.c (main): Fixed to abort if ipkg_conf_init fails.
* ipkg_conf.c (ipkg_conf_init): Fixed to complain if given an
unknown dest.
* pkg.c (pkg_print_field): Fixed several fields to not print if
NULL, (Architecture. Maintainer, Size, Filename, Description)
* args.c (args_parse): Fixed bug that was always setting
force_removal_of_essentail_packages (yikes!).
* Incremented version to 0.99.5.
* RELEASE_NOTES: Added release notes for 0.99.5.
* familiar/rules (binary-arch): Added strip back in in preparation
of non-unstable release of ipkg.
* str_util.c (str_starts_with): Added convenience function.
* pkg_extract.c (pkg_extract_data_file_names_to_file): Fixed
filenames in *.list files to be compatible with dpkg and the old
ipkg, (no prefix of "." for example).
* pkg.c (pkg_run_script): Added export of PKG_ROOT for the benefit
of maintainer scripts.
* ipkg_remove.c (ipkg_remove_pkg): Complain and abort if user
attempts to remove an essential package, (also inform them of the
force option if they insist).
* ipkg_install.c (ipkg_install_pkg): Added message about whether
installing or upgrading.
* ipkg_download.c (ipkg_download): Added support for "file://"
URLs, (untested).
(ipkg_download): Added support for wget proxy options.
* ipkg_conf.c (ipkg_conf_init): Added proxy support to ipkg_conf,
(http_proxy, ftp_proxy, no_proxy, proxy_user, and proxy_passwd).
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_upgrade_pkg): Moved Upgrading message from
ipkg_upgrade_cmd to ipkg_install_pkg.
* args.c (args_parse): Added new option
-force-removal-of-essential-packages, (which is intentionally
painful to type and not listed in usage. It should not be used
2002-03-11 Carl Worth <>
* Incremented version to 0.99.3.
* RELEASE_NOTES: Added release notes for 0.99.3.
* pkg_depends.c (pkg_hash_fetch_unsatisfied_dependencies): Fixed
to avoid infinite loop in the case of a circular dependency.
* Incremented version to 0.99.2.
* RELEASE_NOTES: Added release notes for 0.99.2.
* familiar/rules: Commented out strip, (temporary until this beast
is deemed more stable).
* xsystem.c (xsystem): Cleaned up error message, (missing
* pkg.c (pkg_merge): Made pkg_merge a NOP if oldpkg == newpkg.
(pkg_print_field): Don't print MD5sum field if NULL.
* ipkg_install.c (satisfy_dependencies_for): Now returns error
status if one or more of the dependencies fail to install cleanly.
(unpack_pkg_control_files): Fixed to not tack on a bunch of
NULL-valued conffiles entries if non-NULL conffiles already
exist. This fixed the errant prompting for unmodified conffiles
during -force-reinstall.
(unpack_pkg_control_files): Cleaned up conffile filenames to not
have ugly things like "///" inside them.
* ipkg_download.c (ipkg_download): Cleaned up error message.
(ipkg_download): Now uses new file_move function.
(ipkg_download_pkg): Created new function, (from old code in ipkg_install).
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_download_cmd): Added new "ipkg download"
* file_util.c (file_move): Created file_move, (from code that had
been in ipkg_download).
(file_copy): Added error message on failure.
* conffile.c (conffile_has_been_modified): Eliminated crash if
conffile_has_been_modified is called with conffile->value == NULL.
2002-03-09 Carl Worth <>
* RELEASE_NOTES: Added release notes for 0.99.1
* Incremented version to 0.99.1
* pkg_hash.c (pkg_hash_pkg_owning_file): Fixed to actually return
NULL if no package owns a file.
* pkg.c (pkg_get_installed_files): Added installed_files_ref_cnt
to pkg_t to prevent pkg->installed_files from being freed from an
inner loop while still being used by an outer loop, (which was
* pkg_hash.c (pkg_hash_pkg_owning_file): Moved this function in
from pkg_dest.c. Also, updated it to use pkg_get_installed rather
than mucking around inside /usr/lib/ipkg and globbing for *.list
(pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate): Fixed to only return
a package that actually could be installed, (ie. it must have
either a local_filename or a non-NULL src from which it could be
downloaded). This prevents a segfault during "ipkg upgrade".
* pkg.c (pkg_get_installed_files): Fixed to not do strange things
to filenames such as: "//./bin/sh"
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_files_cmd): Added pkg_free_installed_files to
conserve a bit of memory.
(ipkg_search_cmd): Updated to use pkg_get_installed rather than
mucking around inside /usr/lib/ipkg and globbing for *.list files.
* pkg.c (pkg_free_installed_files): Added this function to free up
memory from pkg_get_installed_files.
* ipkg_conf.c (ipkg_conf_set_option): Added force_reinstall option
to allow reinstallation of an installed package.
* args.c (args_parse): Added -force-reinstall option to enable
reinstallation of an installed package.
* busybox-0.60.2/ar.c (ar_main): Updated unarchive call to track
prototype change.
* busybox-0.60.2/libbb/unarchive.c (free_header_ar): Added
function to plug memory leak.
* ipkg_install.c (check_data_file_clashes): Fixed crash if no
package can be found owning the pre-existing file.
* pkg_dest.c (pkg_dest_deinit): Fixed bug that pkg_dest was
holding on to freed data rather than making a local copy.
* pkg_depends.c (freeDepends): Fixed crash when pkg->depends is NULL.
* RELEASE_NOTES: Added release notes for 0.98.0 and 0.99.0.
* busybox-0.60.2/libbb/unarchive.c (extract_archive): Fixed
bug. Always alloc memory for full_name so we don't free data that
we shouldn't.
(unarchive): Updated to accept a free_headers function pointer as
a counterpart to get_headers, to eliminate memory leaks.
(free_header_tar): Implemented cleanup function as counterpart to
get_header_tar, to eliminate memory leaks.
(deb_extract): Added several calls to free_header_tar to eliminate
memory leaks.
* str_util.c (str_dup_safe): Added convenience function. Like
strdup, but safe to use on a NULL pointer.
* pkg_vec.c (pkg_vec_insert): Updated to use new pkg.c:pkg_merge
rather than marry_two_packages. With this change the free(pkg) is
now here rather than one level deeper. Eventually, I want to get
this free(pkg) up and out of pkg_hash_insert.
* pkg_parse.c (parseDependsString): Fixed bug walking off the end
of the raw buffer looking for a character that isspace().
(parseConffiles): Fixed big bug parsing Conffiles field where all
conffiles appear on the same line.
* pkg_hash.c (pkg_hash_add_from_file): Plugged memory leak of data
allocated deep down in read_raw_pkgs_from_file.
* pkg_depends.c (pkg_hash_fetch_unsatisfied_dependencies): Plugged
memory leak, (missing pkg_vec_deinit).
(freeDepends): Added this function as the counterpart to
buildDepends. Getting closer to chasing down all memory leaks.
(depend_deinit): Added this function as the counterpart to
depend_init. Getting closer to chasing down all memory leaks.
(parseDepends): plugged memory leak of pkg_name.
* pkg.c (pkg_deinit): Added pkg_deinit to take care of freeing any
memory owned by a pkg_t.
(pkg_init_from_file): This function was 100% broken, (missing
(pkg_merge): Moved pkg_merge here from
pkg_vec.c:marry_two_packages. Started work to make it
non-destructive, (not finished).
(pkg_print_info): Added Status and Essential fields to
(pkg_print_status): Fixed pkg_print_status to work whether or not
the package is installed.
* ipkg_utils.c (read_raw_pkgs_from_file): Moved fclose out of
read_raw_pkgs_from_stream and into this function where it belongs,
(since the fopen occurs here).
(trim_alloc): Fixed trim to not free data passed in. Changed the
name to make it obvious that it is allocating memory.
* ipkg_install.c (ipkg_install_from_file): Fixed to be more robust
to the fact that hash_insert_pkg sometimes frees the data that I
pass into it (!).
(satisfy_dependencies_for): Cosmetic change to messages.
(satisfy_dependencies_for): Now sets the dest on to-be-installed
packages, so that the state_want flag can be written to a status
file if necessary.
(satisfy_dependencies_for): Added pkg_vec_deinit to plug memory
(ipkg_install_pkg): Added "run ipkg update?" hint to error
(backup_modified_conffiles): Made more robust to the case that a
conffile has disappeared.
(install_maintainer_scripts): Fixed bug that was installing
maintainer scripts as libFoopostinst rather than
libFoo.postinst. This was preventing postinst scripts from being
(cleanup_temporary_files): Added missing closedir to plug a memory
* ipkg_download.c (ipkg_download): Cosmetic change to error
* ipkg_conf.c (ipkg_conf_parse_file): Plugged some small memory
(ipkg_conf_set_option): Changed configuration options from
force-depends, force-defaults to force_depdends, force_defaults to
be compatible with old ipkg.conf files.
(ipkg_conf_set_option): Fixed bug in parsing options.
(ipkg_conf_write_status_files): Fixed to list all interesting
packages, (any with non-default state), in status file rather than
just installed files.
(ipkg_conf_write_status_files): Plugged a memory leak.
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_status_cmd): Changed "ipkg status" to use
pkg_print_info so it is much more verbose, (includes fields such
as Maintainer, etc. that are merged in from the lists files).
* ipkg.h (IPKG_DEBUG_NO_TMP_CLEANUP): Added compile-time option to
preserve temporary files for easier debugging.
* file_util.c (file_md5sum_alloc): cosmetic changes to variable
* ipkg_conf.c (ipkg_conf_init): Added support for offline_root
configuration file option.
* args.c (args_init): Added support for -o, -offline,
-offline-root command-line arguments. (Although they don't really
have any effect yet).
* ipkg_install.c (ipkg_install_pkg): Changed back to marking
package as installed before postinst, (the pkg_run_script wanted
to find the scripts in /usr/lib/ipkg/info). Actually, it could
probably find the script in either place at this point so maybe it
doesn't really matter.
2002-03-07 Carl Worth <>
* ipkg_install.c (ipkg_install_pkg): Changed to only mark package
as installed after running ipkg_configure, (to run the postinst
* RELEASED ipkg-unstable 0.99.0
* Updated all instances of "XXX" in the code to indicate one of
the following categories:
XXX: BUG: This is a bug that needs to be fixed.
XXX: QUESTION: Implementation approach is uncertain here.
XXX: CLEANUP: Suggestion on how the code could be cleaned up.
XXX: FEATURE: Comment describes a useful feature request.
* pkg.c (pkg_print_status): Added the Depends field to package
paragraphs in the status file, ("ipkg remove" will need this).
* ipkg_install.c (satisfy_dependencies_for): Fixed "ipkg install"
to not complain several times about "Package foo already
installed" when doing large recursive installs.
(ipkg_install_pkg): "ipkg install foo" for an installed package
will now check and install any missing dependencies before exiting
with "Package foo is alrady installed."
2002-03-06 Carl Worth <>
* pkg_dest.c (pkg_dest_pkg_owning_file_alloc): Moved this function
here from ipkg_install.c. Also plugged a memory leak in it with
* pkg.c (pkg_remove_installed_files_list): Fixed bug that
prevented package.list file from ever being removed during "ipkg
* ipkg_remove.c (remove_data_files_and_list): Fixed noisy and
spurious warnings about non-empty directories. "ipkg remove"
should now only say anything if a directory that was solely
provided by that package is non-empty.
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_install_pending_cmd): Plugged memory leak with
* ipkg_install.c: *Many* fixes to enable "ipkg upgrade" to more or
less work. Primarily fixing file clash identification and conffile
handling/resolution. "ipkg upgrade" has now worked correctly on
several test cases!
* ipkg_install.c (unpack_pkg_control_files): Now initializes
conffiles list from the contents of conffiles control file,
(leaves md5sum calculation until the actual conffiles are
extracted later).
(ipkg_install_pkg): Separated backup_modified_conffiles and
check_data_file_clashes into separate functions.
(preinst_configure): Simplified this function pushing its old
logic into pkg.c:pkg_run_script.
(backup_modified_conffiles): Added backup of any conffiles that
are new as of this upgrade.
(check_data_file_clashes): First real implementation of
(resolve_conffiles): First real implementation of
(backup_make_backup): Added this and a few other functions to
abstract backup creation/removal.
(find_pkg_owning_file): Added this function.
* pkg_extract.c (pkg_extract_data_files_to_dir): Fixed args to
deb_extract so that existing files will be overwritten, (and any
other error messages will no longer be suppressed).
* pkg.c (pkg_print_status): Added Conffiles field to
(pkg_print_field): Fixed crash when printing NULL Conffiles
(pkg_get_conffile): Fixed crash if pkg_get_conffile called with a
NULL pkg.
(pkg_run_script): Made pkg_run_script smart enough to run scripts
for uninstalled packages, (from
<pkg_tmp_unpack_dir>/<script_name>), as well as for isntalled
packages, (from <dest_info_dir>/<pkg_name>.<script_name>
* str_util.c (str_tolower): Added convenience function.
(str_toupper): Added convenience function.
* nv_pair.c (nv_pair_init): Fixed crash from calling nv_pair_init
with NULL value.
* pkg.c (pkg_init_from_file): Fixed bug -- forgot to close file.
* file_util.c (file_md5sum_alloc): Convenience wrapper around
md5_stream as ripped out of busybox. This function takes care of
file open/close and does the bin2hex conversion of the md5sum.
* conffile.c (conffile_has_been_modified): Implemented this
function for real now that we have md5sum capability.
* md5.c (md5_stream): Sucked in md5sum calculation code from
busybox, (it wasn't part of libbb, so I just copied the files
straight in and ripped out uninteresting functions such as
md5sum_main, etc.)
2002-03-05 Carl Worth <>
* pkg.c (pkg_print_field): Added support for printing Conffiles
* ipkg_install.c (remove_obsolesced_files): With the fixed
pkg_get_installed_files_list from below, this function now seems
to work!
(ipkg_install_pkg): Fixed to mark old package as uninstalled after
* pkg.c (pkg_get_installed_files_list): Fixed so that it's
possible to get an "installed_files" list even from an uninstalled
package, (it pulls the list of data files straight out of the
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_upgrade_cmd): Fixed ipkg_upgrade to not choke
if asked to upgrade an un-installed package.
(ipkg_upgrade_pkg): Fixed printing of version numbers.
* file_util.c (file_mkdir_hier): Abstracted call to libbb
make_directory into new file_mkdir_hier. At this point, the only
calls into libbb are isolated in file_util and pkg_extract. This
will make it easier if we ever decide to directly incorporate that
code or rewrite it.
* pkg_extract.c (pkg_extract_data_files_to_dir): Abstracted all
calls to deb_extract in several new pkg_extract functions.
2002-03-04 Carl Worth <>
* ipkg_conf.c (ipkg_conf_init): Added support to ipkg_conf to
pickup command-line arguments for "force-defaults" and
"force-depends". Things set on the command-line should take
precedence over things found in the configuration file.
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_search_cmd): Fixed formatting of "ipkg search"
* pkg_depends.c (pkg_hash_fetch_unsatisfied_dependencies):
Re-added fix to set *unresolved to NULL if depends is NULL.
* xregex.c (xregexec): Removed useless error messages from NOMATCH
calls to regexec.
* ipkg_install.c (satisfy_dependencies_for): Added support for new
"unresolved" argument in
pkg_hash_fetch_unsatisfied_dependencies. Cleaned up warning/error
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_search_cmd): Implemented first-cut of "ipkg search".
* pkg_depends.c (pkg_hash_fetch_unsatisfied_dependencies): Fixed
to set *unresolved to NULL if depends is NULL.
2002-03-01 Carl Worth <>
* RELEASED ipkg-unstable 0.98.0
* ipkg_configure.c (ipkg_configure): Added flushing of stdout,
(here and in a few other modules).
* file_util.c (file_copy): Implemented this function here as one
step toward isolating the calls into libbb functions. Updated old
copy_file calls to file_copy in both ipkg_download.c and
* ipkg_install.c, ipkg_remove.c: Demoted several "XXX" comments to
DPKG_INCOMPATIBILITY as I really don't intend on addressing them
any time soon, (if ever).
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_files_cmd): Fixed "ipkg files" from crashing on
uninstalled packages.
* familiar/rules: Added support for easy building of an
ipkg.ipk. The version number and the architecture are
automatically sucked in correctly from autoconf magic, (even when
cross-compiling). Maybe autoconf will start paying off with
benefits rather than pain, (finally!).
* Removed MEMCMP and STAT checks which were breaking
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_upgrade_pkg): BIG bugfix: Package version
comparison was sign-reversed, (hence it would never upgrade).
2002-02-28 Carl Worth <>
* ipkg_download.c (ipkg_download): Changed from
system("/bin/cp",...) to copy_file(...)
* replace/strndup.c: Implemented an (untested) replacement for
* Added AC_CANONICAL_HOST to automatically set the
correct architecture type in the ipkg control file.
* Changed version number to 0.98.0 in preparation
for alpha release.
* familiar/rules: Added support for easy building of an ipkg.ipk.
2002-02-27 Carl Worth <>
* ipkg_install.c (ipkg_install_pkg): Fixed to abort on failed
* pkg.c (pkg_run_script): Fixed bug that was preventing any
package maintainer scripts from running, (hence, they run now so
running non-native offline no longer works until I figure out the
chroot plans).
* TODO: Added rough outline of remaining features with a release
* pkg_parse.c (pkg_parse_raw): Added parsing of "MD5Sum" in
addition to "MD5sum" to accomodate bug in old ipkg.
* void_list.c (void_list_remove): Added new remove function, (also
adjusts a forward iterator). Required new list->pre_head member
which was added to all sub-list types.
* pkg.c (pkg_init): Changed pkg->conffiles to be of the new
conffile_list_t datatype.
(pkg_remove_installed_files_list): Pulled this function into
pkg.c, (from ipkg_remove.c), so the mallocs and frees would be in
the same C file.
(pkg_get_conffile): Added this convenience function.
* ipkg_remove.c: Fixed several bugs. ipkg_remove now actually
works for simple packages!
* ipkg_install.c (ipkg_install_pkg): Don't re-install if a package
is already installed.
(ipkg_install_pkg): Fixed major bug that all of ipkg_install's
work was always being unwound even when successful.
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_files_cmd): Fixed to use
pkg_get_installed_files_list rather than a private implementation
that sifted through the file lists on disk.
* str_util.c (str_ends_with): Added this convenient function.
(str_chomp): Another convenience.
* ipkg_conf.c: Moved chomp to str_util.c (str_chomp), since
someone else wanted it too.
2002-02-26 Carl Worth <>
* pkg_parse.c (pkg_parse_raw): Added XXX requesting parsing of
Conffiles: field along with a hint about how to store the data.
* conffile_list.c: Added a little wrapper around nv_pair_list
* conffile.c: Added a little wrapper around nv_pair
* str_util.c (str_ends_with): New convenience function.
* str_list.c (str_list_remove): Plugged in remove function.
* void_list.c (void_list_remove): Added remove function, (handles
updating of forward iterator).
* pkg.c (pkg_run_script): Changed to return return value of
* ipkg_remove.c: Fleshed out initial version of all ipkg_remove.c
* ipkg_configure.c (ipkg_configure): Added check on return value
of pkg_run script. Added comments about dpkg compliance.
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_purge_cmd): Added ipkg_purge_cmd
2002-02-20 Carl Worth <>
* Added USC copyright statements, (and Compaq stubs as necessary)
* ipkg_install.c: At this point "ipkg install" on a simple
package, (no scripts and no dependencies), works just fine. It
might even do some of the script and dependency handling correctly
too, but I haven't tested that yet. "ipkg install libc6" is a nice
little test that should complete without any errors or
warnings. Follow that up with "ipkg status" to see that it worked.
* pkg.c (pkg_run_script): Added convenience method for running
package scripts.
* ipkg_install.c: Fixed several bugs:
(unpack_pkg_control_files): control files now extract to the
correct temporary directory.
(ipkg_install_pkg): pkg->state_want is now properly set to SW_INSTALL
(ipkg_install_pkg): status file now gets written after installation
(cleanup_temporary_files): All temporary files are cleaned up.
* ipkg_configure.c (ipkg_configure): Fleshed out a very simple
ipkg_configure, (simply runs "postinst configure"). Maybe it will
need to be smarter at some point. Moved unwritten conffiles stuff
back to ipkg_install.c.
* ipkg_conf.c (ipkg_conf_write_status_files): Moved this function
from ipkg_utils to ipkg_conf since it needs access to the
* pkg_vec.c (marry_two_packages): Added several missing fields,
(state_want, state_flag, filename, local_filename, tmp_unpack_dir,
md5sum, size, installed_size, priority, source, conffiles,
isntalled_files, essential)
2002-02-19 Carl Worth <>
* ipkg_install.c: several little bug fixes. "ipkg install" will
now actually install files from a package! There are still some
bugs, (eg. postinst scripts are not called -- probably other
things as well). But, it's coming together now.
* pkg_dest.c (pkg_dest_init): now creates all necessary directories
* ipkg_download.c (ipkg_download): Fixed misleading parameter name.
* ipkg_conf.c (ipkg_conf_deinit): Now cleans up tmd_dir on deinit
ipkg.c: now calls ipkg_conf_deinit before exiting.
(ipkg_conf_add_nv): Fixed to set default_dest when parsing first
dest in ipkg.conf
* ipkg_cmd.c (ipkg_list_cmd): Fixed ugly bug in ipkg_list that led
to infinite loops, segfaults, string corruption, and other bizarre
* Added many files as we are approaching the first functional ipkg
implementation in C:
file_util.c: convenience for testing if file_exists, reading files, etc.
ipkg_configure.c: mostly just a stub so far
ipkg_download.c: convenient function to download a file
nv_pair.c: data structure to hold a name-value pair
nv_pair_list.c: data structure to hold a list of nv_pair_t
pkg_dest.c: data structure for everything a pkg destination wants
pkg_dest_list.c: data structure to hold a list of pkg_dest_t
pkg_extract.c: convenience functions for package extraction,
(these function should encapsulate any libbb borrowings we perform
-- although some slipped into other files already)
pkg_src.c: everything you might need for a pkg src.
pkg_src_list.c: data structure to hold a list of pkg_src_t
str_list.c: data structure to hold a list of char *
void_list.c: generic linked-list data structure and functions
xsystem.c: wrapper around system() with error checking
* ipkg_remove.c: Just added some stubs. Nothing really works at
all yet.
* ipkg_install.c: Large rework of ipkg_install. It's now close to
actually being usable, (but it's not quite there yet). Revamped to
match dpkg install order more closely, (with all the stubs in case
we ever want to call all the scripts that dpkg does). Also updated
to use a more recent deb_extract from libbb.
* ipkg_extract_test.c (main): Added support for a third arg, (the
filename to extract to the buffer).
* ipkg_conf.c (ipkg_conf_init): Added several fields to
ipkg_conf_t: pkg_src_list, pkg_dest_list ,
restrict_to_default_dest, default_dest, tmp_dir, lists_dir,
pending_dir, force_depends, and pkg_hash. There's still a bit of
tension between options stored in the config file, (ipkg_conf_t),
and command-line arguments, (args_t).
* ipkg_cmd.c: First version that is approaching usability. The
following commands are more-or-less in place: "ipkg update", "ipkg
list", "ipkg info", "ipkg status". While the rest are in various
states of being partiallyy written or written but untested.
(ipkg_upgrade_cmd): Added support for restricting to a dest. Many
other changes, largely involving plugging into the pkg_hash for
real for the first time, and adding multiple dest support.
* ipkg.c: Added support for setting the dest on the command-line.
* args.c: Added support for IPKG_CONF_DIR environment variable and
-f, -conf, and -conf-file options.
* Added lots of little bits suggested by autoscan.
2002-02-18 Carl Worth <>
* pkg_parse.c (pkg_parse_raw): Added parsing, (kinda ugly), for
essential field.
* pkg.c (pkg_print_field): Added the essential flag.
* pkg_vec.c (pkg_vec_insert): Fixed to use pkg_compare_versions to
determine matching versions instead of a strcmp on the version
2002-02-15 Carl Worth <>
* pkg_parse.c (pkg_parse_raw): Updated to accept a pkg_src_t
* pkg.c (pkg_init): Added field to pkg_t: "pkg_src_t *src"
* pkg_hash.c (pkg_hash_add_from_file): Updated to accept a pkg_src_t
* pkg_parse.c (parseStatus): Modified to accept a pkg_t *
(parseVersion): Added this function
(pkg_parse_raw): Updated to accept a pkg_dest_t
(pkg_parse_raw): Reworked the parsing to use a pkg_t rather than a
slew of local variables.
(pkg_parse_raw): Added support for about a dozen new pkg_t fields
* pkg.h: Updated for all pkg.c changes.
* pkg.c (pkg_new): Added pkg_new for convenient alloc'ing of a pkg_t.
(pkg_init): Added several fields to pkg_t: dest, section,
suggests, filename, local_filename, tmp_unpack_dir, md5sum, size,
installed_size, priority, source, and conffiles.
(): Moved buildPkg this function to pkg_parse
(pkg_init_from_file): Added convenience function for filling a
pkg_t from an actual package file.
(pkg_print_info): Split print_pkg into both pkg_print_info and
(pkg_print_field): Added pkg_print_field, (extremely ugly)
(): Moved parseversion to pkg_parse where it belongs
(pkg_version_str_alloc): Added, (complement of parse_version)
* pkg_depends.h: Added GPL blurb
(PKG_DEPENDS_H): Added multiple include protection
* pkg_depends.c: Moved non-static prototypes to header file.
Changed several locl-only functions to be static.
Added function prototypes for static functions.
(buildDepends): Removed unecessary cast of malloc return value.
* pkg_hash.h: Moved hash-related struct declarations to this file
Rename pkg_fetch* to have consistent pkg_hash_fetch prefix.
Added missing prototype for pkg_vec_fetch_by_name
* pkg_hash.c: (pkg_hash_add_from_file): Added support for setting
the pkg_dest
(pkg_hash_add_from_file): Moved buildDepends call to
(pkg_hash_fetch_installed_by_name_dest): Added this function to
support pkg_dest
* ipkg_utils.h: Added GPL blurb
(IPKG_UTILS_H): Added multiple include protection
* ipkg_utils.c:
(read_raw_pkgs_from_file): broke read_raw_pkgs into
read_raw_pkgs_from_file and read_raw-pkgs_from_stream
(ipkg_write_status_file): Fixed return value
(print_pkg_status): Moved this function to pkg.c:pkg_print_status
(line_is_blank): Fixed const char handling
2002-02-08 Carl Worth <>
* pkg_parse.c: Fixed a bug in parsing the 3 state fields.
2002-02-06 Carl Worth <>
* pkg.c: Expanded pkg_status field to the full 3 fields: state_want,
state_flag, and state_status.
2001-12-11 Carl Worth <>
* ipkg_conf.c: Now parses /etc/ipkg.conf, (and doesn't do anything
with it).
* ipkg.c: Started work on ipkg main, (not much here yet).
* ipkg_cmd.h: Added a tiny thing to abstract top-level ipkg
commands, (not finished).
* Set up autoconf and friends