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See issue list:
* Regression test suite.
* Fix comments marked "XXX".
* Clean up out of date comments.
* Consistent indentation.
* Propagate errors up the call stack. In particular, unarchive.c fails to do
this. Errors and error messages must be usable by libopkg frontends.
Don't try to use errno after its been clobbered by other libc calls.
* Remove dead and duplicate code. Refactor duplicated functionality.
* Remove pkg_info_preinstall_check().
* Reduce memory used per pkg_t and peak memory use in general.
* #includes are a mess.
* Refactor opkg_install_pkg() into more precise functions.
* pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate() is linear search O(P*PN)
and is slow (frequently called).
P provider
PN pkgs in a provider
It can be O(P) if a hash table is used.
* Update libbb.
* Start with all "XXX: FEATURE" comments. Remove them if they are bogus.
* Improve dpkg compatibility, according to the Debian Policy Manual.