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Update README and TODO. Add myself to AUTHORS.

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@@ -1,6 +1,7 @@
* Thomas Wood <>
* Tick Chen <>
+ * Graham Gower <>
* Pierluigi Frullani <>
* Carl Worth <>
@@ -3,5 +3,10 @@ OPKG Package Management System
Opkg is a lightweight package management system based on Ipkg.
-Mailing list:
+Mailing list:
+Bug tracker:
+The previous website can still be found at:
@@ -1,62 +1,46 @@
-Things to do for opkg, in a partial order:
-1) Bug fixes
+See issue list:
-1.a) fix all code marked "XXX: BUG"
-1.b) fix all outstanding opkg bugzilla bugs
+ * Regression test suite.
-1.c) Make sure Suggests, Recommends, (Enhances?), all work, (I know
- some of these are not yet implemented)
+ * Fix comments marked "XXX".
-1.d) Audit all dpkg package fields for both parsing and printing support.
+ * Clean up out of date comments.
-1.e) "opkg status" and "opkg info" need to complain about unknown
- packages. For that matter, these two commands should probably just
- become aliases to the same functionality.
+ * Consistent indentation.
+ * Propagate errors up the call stack. In particular, unarchive.c fails to do
+ this. Errors and error messages must be usable by libopkg frontends.
+ Don't try to use errno after its been clobbered by other libc calls.
-2) Implement new features
+ * Remove dead and duplicate code. Refactor duplicated functionality.
-2.a) start with all "XXX: FEATURE" comments
+ * Reduce memory used per pkg_t and peak memory use in general.
-2.b) implement all accepted opkg bugzilla feature requests, (also
- check old post "Subject: Reinventing opkg" to see if we forgot
- any of the good ideas we had once upon a time)
+ * Refactor opkg_conf_t *conf.
+ Make it global instead of passing it to every function.
+ Remove args_t args in favour of conf.
-2.c) Add support for:
- opkg install foo from some-feed
- opkg install foo-0.4.3
- opkg install foo-latest # Only needed if we add a feed-order-priority option
- or something like that.
+ * #includes are a mess.
-2.d) Experiment with making a small statically linked binary. Can we
- eliminate some library calls, (glob, regcomp)? Can we get
- something like uclibc to work well?
+ * Refactor opkg_install_pkg() into more precise functions.
-2.e) Add support for a deb-src in /etc/opkg.conf. (ARGH! Name clash
- alert! In apt-land, deb-src means something very different than
- what I would mean here. Hrm... Maybe src-deb would be cleaner? )
- (What is this? Jamey 7/23/2002)
+ * pkg_hash_fetch_best_installation_candidate() is linear search O(P*PN)
+ and is slow (frequently called).
+ P provider
+ PN pkgs in a provider
+ It can be O(P) if a hash table is used.
-2.f) Figure out a clever chroot mechanism for running maintainer scripts in
- offline_root mode.
+ * Update libbb.
-2.g) Implement opkg history mechanism, with undo and redo? Keep track of
- packages removed/installed by each call to opkg.
-3) Cleanup the code
-3.a) Start with all comments marked "XXX: CLEANUP"
+ * Start with all "XXX: FEATURE" comments. Remove them if they are bogus.
-3.b) Clean up out of date comments. That really confusing
+ * Implement chrooting to an offline_root for running maintainer scripts.
-4) refactorying opkg_install_pkg into more precise functions
-4.1) refactory upgrade list first
-4.2) Finding canditate is linear search O(P*PN) and is very slow (been called very frequently)
- P provider
- PN pkgs in a provider
- It's can be O(P) if there we use hash table.
- It should be refacotry to a faster one.
+ * Improve dpkg compatibility, according to the Debian Policy Manual.

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