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Google maps layer zIndex #29

safar opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Hi again,

I'm currently having an issue with google maps tile layer. I'm using danzel's Leaflet.markercluster plugin to cluster and display my markers.

Problem is that google maps layer displays on top of marker layer so it renders the map unusable because it's impossible to click on markers.

When I select different tile layer (e.g. Bing layer or OSM) markers are displayed as intended on top of the tile layers. But if google maps tile layer is selected it's again displayed above all else.

Is it possible to move google tile layer to front or to back by some method? I've tried bringToFront() but L.Google doesn't have that method.

I'm sorry that I cannot give you a link to my webpage for security reasons to see it for yourself.


is this issue #30 related to you problem?


I have the same issue with my WMS layer that does not show over Google Satellite layer... My WMS layer is shown correctly over OSM layer but disappear when switching to Google layer... This was working fine with some old version of Leaflet. I'm trying to use the latest Leaflet js/css (0.4.2)

Thanks a lot


I think you can use Chrome or Firefox (with developer toolbar) for looking elements and check z-index of this elements.


I just try adding this line:

$("#" +"z-index", "auto"); // fixed z-index of yandex maps

like you suggested in issue:30 and it solve my problem

Thanks a lot



@shramov shramov closed this issue from a commit
Pavel Shramov yandex, google: Fix zIndex issues (fixes #29 #30) b4d8e70
@shramov shramov closed this in b4d8e70

Thanks for the fix


This fixed my problem as well but I'm finding vector layers fall under the google layer in IE7. Does this happen to anyone else?


I'm experiencing this issue (marker behind google layer) only with IE7 :(

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