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feature request: max zoom for Google + Bing maps #38

robertharm opened this Issue · 8 comments

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please set map zoom level to 22 for Google and Bing maps to 21 as it is supported by those...


I would really like this to be resolved too. Our application requires as much zoom as possible and the current levels of zoom for the bing layer is not good enough.


You can simply add maxZoom: 21 and minZoom:0 to the Bing.js options to make it work. Google.js already has those options.


Thanks, nhinze. That did the trick. However, now I realize why those were not set to begin with. For whatever reason, map tiles at that view level don't seem to load through the leaflet plugin, even though they load when you use the bing maps site.


Do you have a location example? Before I added the min/max Zoom I could only load to zoom level 18. Now, on the location I tested, it goes down to zoom level 19. The Bing maps site goes down to zoom level 20 at the same site, but it is not loading new tiles, it just zooms in on the zoom 19 ones. So, I think that's why the plugin does not go past zoom level 19 where I tested.


I'm seeing something similar. I can set the maxZoom to 19 and it works ok for most places. I can set it higher than 19, but if I zoom in at those levels, I get tiles with a picture of a crossed out camera on them. On bing maps, it seems I can zoom in to level 20 with no problem, though.

Here is a location I was using:

Black Mountain Park Dr, San Diego, CA 92129


I checked your location. It seems to do the same thing as for me. I think Bing Maps simply uses the tiles of zoom level 19 and uses some CSS trick to enlarge them to create a zoom 20. However, I don't think they actually provide new tiles at that level for that location. The Bing Maps zoom level 20 tiles are pretty grainy, that's why I think they are just zoom level 19 enlarged. If you compare Google Maps at zoom 20, the quality is usually higher. So, I don't think the plugin is at fault.


@robertharm can we close this issue, as @nhinze said the plugin is not at fault ?


As bing layer use the metadata service ( i think i can confirm this layer doesn't need a maxzoom options ;)

The google maxzoom bug is already aborded in #37 so we can close this issue.

@brunob brunob closed this
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