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Hi shramov,
a user of my plugin reported that Google Maps cannot be displayed with IE7. Can you please tell me if your plugin is IE7 compatible? would help me a lot where to look for a fix...
best regards,


Don't know.
I don't have IE anywhere around so can not comment on this


The problem with IE7 is this line:

I've commeted it out, and the map now work in IE7

// = "auto";


Do you know of any side effects of outcommenting this line? I guess it was there for a reason ;-)


No, it's at your own risk! So far I haven't discovered any side effects.


I tried this solution on my plugin too - problem with this is, that markers got hidden by that fix. I did some research and found this:

IE7 z-index: auto problems
IE7 lessons learned: the z-index bug
Fixing IE7 Z-Index Issues with jQuery

Unfortunately I dont know how to integrate one of those fixes into the google maps leaflet plugin. Could you @shramov perhaps take a look at it?


I've tested several fixes for this bug, one solution is to replace "auto" to -1 only for IE. With that markers are on top the tiles and there is no more error (the map lag a bit but it may come from the fact i'm running IE in a vm).

Anyway, i'm not sure about putting these kind of test in the plugin for a browser used by 1% (source

What do you think of it ? Should we close this issue or can you try to provide a patch ?


@robertharm any news about this bug or what i said in my last post ?


no news about this bug - abandoned IE7 compatiblity and didnt investigate it any further. closing ticket (would love to shutdown IE as a whole, as this browser has cost me too much time and energy ;-)

@robertharm robertharm closed this Oct 22, 2013

thanks for the update @robertharm

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