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get quick cricket match scores from cricinfo
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A small shell script to bring up scores from Cricinfo for all the cric fans out there :)


Track a match

$ ./ -a someMatch

Get score

$ ./
SLCD 44/1 (8.0 ov, EMGDY Munaweera 26*, MDKJ Perera 7*, SR Patel 0/7) - Stumps 

List currently tracked matches

$ ./ -l

someMatch :

Stop tracking a match

$ ./ -r someMatch


  • Make the commandline arguments NOT potitional based - guide
  • Allow for adding of URL to track
  • provision for multiple matches
  • Make it faster (currently its curl-ing the entire page)
  • Add help
    • Individual switch help
  • check for uniqueness among keys
    • What i've written is stupid . make it more streamlined
  • Proper error messages
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