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cilla build status

Cilla is a weblog written in Java.


  • Articles, with nested categories and tagging.
  • Suited for photo blogs: gallery with thumbnail generation, EXIF analysis, GPS support, tagging.
  • Random title pictures.
  • Comment system available.
  • ATOM and RSS feeds.
  • Full content search, using Apache Lucene.
  • Comes with a separate administration web frontend and a SOAP WS interface.
  • Easy to customize. Uses JSP templates and a set of powerful JSP tags.
  • Easy to extend. A collection of plugins is available. Plug in your own add-ons via Spring beans.
  • Uses Java 8, Spring and Hibernate. Tested on PostgreSQL, but should run on other DBMS as well.


See the online documentation. There is also a set up guide.

Current Status

The idea behind Cilla was just a "quick Java blog hack" that should replace my PHP based blog. However, this quick hack soon became a huge project that took me several years to make it what you see today.

The blog itself is feature complete and stable. I use it for my personal weblog since 2010.

The administration GUI is usable, but it misses some non-essential functions and also contains a few annoying bugs. Cilla also needs a nice installer (or maybe a Docker image), a choice of themes, and some in-depth documentation.

Cilla is sufficient for me in its current state, so I am not going to put much more time into it in the near future. However, I hope that this project might be useful to other people. If you want to improve Cilla, I really appreciate your help!



cilla is open source software. The source code is distributed under the terms of GNU Affero General Public License Version 3.