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Geordi is a daemon that collects sensor data from various sources, and stores them in a database for later evaluation.

It is written in Java and runs on any operating system.


  • Collects data from different sensors.
  • Cron-like expressions for collection frequency.
  • Easily extensible.
  • Collected data can be processed by analytic tools like Grafana.
  • Uses Postgresql as database (requires version 9.3 or higher).
  • Only requires Java 8 or higher at runtime.

Supported Sensors

Other sensor sources can be added easily.


Read the online documentation about how to set up, configure and run your own Geordi instance.

Please note that Geordi does not come with a fancy installer or a configuration tool. You need Linux knowledge and some basic SQL skills to run it.



Geordi is open source software. The source code is distributed under the terms of GNU General Public License V3.