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Identify is a shared Amiga library that helps identifying all kind of system parameters.

The source code was closed, like almost all of my Amiga projects. I have now reviewed and reformatted the files, translated the comments from German to English, and made the project compilable on Linux (and probably other targets) using vbcc. The source is now open to everyone for contributing, studying, archiving, or just enjoying the good old Amiga times.


  • Identifies expansion card names, alerts, and function call names
  • Gives information about your Amiga model, CPU, OS version, available memory, chipset, and much more...
  • Supports from AmigaOS 2.0 up to the latest AmigaOS 3.2.2
  • The expansion database contains 364 manufacturers and 698 boards
  • Distinguishes between most GVP and Phase5 boards with unique ID
  • Tries to give at least a hint if the board name is not known yet
  • Fully FPGA, DraCo, and PowerPC compatible
  • Supports PowerUp and WarpOS
  • The library is fully localized (catalogs included: Deutsch, Italiano)
  • Use the features in ARexx, with the included rexxidentify.library
  • English and German documentation
  • LGPLv3 licensed, open source
  • Source Code available at GitHub

Missing Expansions

See here about how to report missing expansions.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about identify, maybe you will find answers here.

Building from Source

This project is mainly made to be build on Linux machines. However, with a few modifications it can also be built on AmigaOS and other operating systems.


  • GNU make or another compatible make tool
  • vbcc
  • fd2pragma
  • FlexCat
  • AmigaOS NDK 3.2, unpacked on your build machine
  • MUI by Stefan Stuntz, includes unpacked on your build machine
  • lha (compiled with --enable-multibyte-filename=auto option, which is the default)
  • AmiTools (optional, for the pack target only)

Set the AMIGA_NDK env variable to the location of the unpacked NDK3.2 directory on your build machine. Also set AMIGA_INCLUDES to the location of 3rd party include files, where the MUI includes can be found.

Then just invoke make to build the project. The compiled project can be found in the build directory.

make release will compile a release version in the release directory. This target is optimized for Linux, and might not run on other operating systems.

make pack will create adf files for IdentifyDev and IdentifyUsr in the release directory. These files may be useful to install Identify on disk based systems, but are not part of the official release.

Today's standard encoding is UTF-8. Unfortunately AmigaOS does not support this encoding, so the files in this project have different encodings depending on their purpose. The assembler and C files must use plain ASCII encoding, so they can be edited on Linux and Amiga without encoding problems. For special characters in strings, always use escape sequences. Do not use special characters in comments. make check will test if these files contain illegal characters. All purely Amiga-related files (like AmigaGuide or Catalog files) are expected to be ISO-8859-1 encoded. Then again, (and other files related to the open source release) are UTF-8 encoded. If you are in doubt, use plain ASCII.

Contribution and Releases

The source code of this project can be found at the official GitHub page.

If you found a bug or have a feature request, feel free to open an issue or send a pull request.

At the AmiNet, you will find official binaries and development files.

Please keep the "IdentifyDev" and "IdentifyUsr" package names reserved for official releases. If you want to release a fork, use a different package name. But please consider contributing to the reference repository instead. This is better than having an unknown number of forks and different versions of the code floating around.


The identify tools are fully localizable. English is the built-in language. Available translations are (in alphabetical order):

  • Deutsch (by Richard Körber)
  • Français (by Filipe Brandão)
  • Italiano (by David Lo Buglio)

If you want to provide other translations, please contact me for assistance.

Sync with your own Board Database?

If you're managing an own board database in your project, feel invited to sync it with this database. However, it would only be fair if you then also share the boards that are missing here. Please open an issue, send a merge request, or just get in contact with me. Thank you!


Identify is distributed under LGPLv3 (Lesser Gnu Public Licence).