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The Next Skeleton

This is a skeleton generator for Sinclair ZX Spectrum Next projects.

It is targeted for Linux systems, but might also work on MacOS and Windows with some modifications.


  • Start your ZX Spectrum Next assembler project with just a single command.
  • Provides an assembler source file that serves as a starting point for your own development.
  • An ant script does all the work of assembling your project, setting up an MMC image file, and starting the emulator.
  • The project structure is prepared for SCM tools like git or Subversion. A .gitignore file is already included in your project.
  • The MMC image is created as a sparse file, to save your harddisk space. (If supported by the underlying file system.)


The Next Skeleton requires these tools to be installed on your system: ant, curl, mono, mtools, python3, sjasmplus v1.15.0 or higher, and #CSpect.

Please read the documentation about how to set up your system.


Read the documentation online.

You can also find the documentation in the docs directory of this project.


  • Fork the Source code at GitHub. Feel free to send pull requests.
  • Found a bug? File a bug report for bugs related to the skeleton. Issues with the assembler or emulator should be reported at the respective project.


The Next Skeleton is open source software. The source code is available at GitHub, and is distributed under the terms of Apache License 2.0.

This licence does not apply to projects that were generated by this skeleton tool.