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PatchWork is an Amiga debugging tool like Enforcer or Mungwall. It patches library calls and validates the parameters against the AutoDocs. Illegal parameters (e.g. NULL where a pointer is expected) are reported. PatchWork helps you make your code more robust.


  • Validates commodities, dos, exec, gadtools, graphics, intuition and utility library calls.
  • Reports to the debugging console (e.g. Sushi).
  • Shows a code extract of the violating code if DisLib by Thomas Richter is installed.
  • 100% hand-made assembler code, so PatchWork only has a neglectable performance impact on your system.
  • Works on any CPU, no MMU required.
  • GPL licensed, open source.
  • Source Code is available at GitHub.

Example Output

This is how a PatchWork hit looks like:

exec.library OldOpenLibrary("dos.library")
Severity 1: obsoleted, use OpenLibrary() instead
PC=08339720 TCB=08399D58 ("Shell Process")
Data: 00000001 020CE5C5 00004000 08350BA4 00000001 00000001 020CFF85 08339714
Addr: 08350BA4 08339732 08014E0C 08339714 084F3C08 00F92D70 0800083C 084F3BFC
----> 08339732 - "pwtest"  Hunk 0000, Offset 0000001A
----> 00F92D70 - "ROM - dos 39.23 (8.9.92)"  Hunk 0000, Offset 00000314
PC-8: 00000000 00000000 0833653C 00000000 00000030 00000000 43FA0018 2C780004
PC *: 4EAEFE68 22402C78 00044EAE FE627000 4E75646F 732E6C69 62726172 79004E71
Stck: 084F3BFC 08339724 00F9359C 00004000 0839A74C 08533B40 00001970 48E7303E
Stck: 24482649 61A66730 2C6A0018 206A0014 4EAEFF94 2848204B 610000B8 661C2449
----> 08339720 - "pwtest"  Hunk 0000, Offset 00000008
----> 08339724 - "pwtest"  Hunk 0000, Offset 0000000C
----> 00F9359C - "ROM - dos 39.23 (8.9.92)"  Hunk 0000, Offset 00000B40


PatchWork is distributed under GPLv3 (Gnu Public License).

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