Converter for PalmOS calendar, addressbook, memo, ...
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PdbConverter is a tool for converting PalmOS PDB files into more common file formats.



  • Calender can be converted to iCalendar and imported into most calendar applications.
  • Address can be converted to vCard and imported into many address books.
  • Also supports Memo, ToDo and Notepad.
  • Also supports DateBook.mdb files.
  • All other PDBs can be converted into a ZIP file containing the raw record data, for further processing.
  • Optional category filter and separate export of each category.
  • Developers can use PdbConverter to parse PDB files in their own application, just by adding a Maven dependency.
  • Completely written in Java, and runs on Linux, MacOS X and Windows. Also usable as Android library (untested).


Please install Java, then download the latest precompiled jar from GitHub and run it:

java -jar pdbconverter.jar --gui

See the online documentation for further details.


PdbConverter is distributed under Gnu Public License v3.