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RepoWatch is a Java web site for watching the changes of yum repositories.


  • Watches a number of yum repositories for changes.
  • Shows package additions, updates and removals.
  • Supports multiple repositories and different architectures within a repository.
  • Offers RSS feeds for repository changes.
  • Offers database based package search.
  • Multi language web frontend.
  • Supports a large number of DBMS, thanks to Hibernate. Tested with MySQL, PostgreSQL and HSQLDB.
  • Written in Java.


The installation is rather straightforward. You need a Java web container like Tomcat or Jetty, to run the WAR file on. The configuration is completely done by JNDI. You will also need a Hibernate compliant database. RepoWatch is tested with Postgres and HSQLDB, and was reported to also run on MySQL.

JNDI configuration

RepoWatch expects two JNDI resources:

  • jdbc/RepowatchDS: This is a javax.sql.DataSource for the database to be used.
  • hibernate/RepowatchDS: This is a java.util.Properties with further properties to be used by Hibernate (e.g. the dialect).

Database Setup

Use Hibernate to initialize the database. There is no need for further initialization steps at the moment.



RepoWatch is distributed under GPLv3.