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A basic slack bot that allows you to start jobs in concourse
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Concourse SlackBot

This is a simple slack bot that can start jobs in Concourse.


Build and run the bot. Once it announces it is running, you can @botname help to get a list of commands you can run.

Run me

BOSH Release

Use the Concourse Slackbot BOSH Release

Alternatively use Docker

Create config.json using example-config.json as a starter and modify to suit your slack and concourse setup.

# Build docker image with binary loaded and run it
make build-run

# Compile and output to builds/concoursebot and run builds/concoursebot
make build && make run

Docker Run

Edit the config.json file to suit

docker run --name concoursebot --rm -v `pwd`/config.json:/app/config.json shreddedbacon/concoursebot:latest

Set up Slack

Create app here

Add a bot to the app

Edit the app permissions

  • channels:history
  • channels:read
  • chat:write:bot
  • groups:read
  • users:read
  • bot

Install to your workspace

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