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MACH - Fly Faster

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A bash wrapper for fly to allow faster access to standard fly commands. Got sick of using long commands and trying to remember the right tags for things all the time while doing development work with fly and concourse.

It is used in the directory that contains your pipeline.

It is not designed as a replacement for all fly commands, just ones that are more commonly used in development phases.


Fly must be installed in your PATH somewhere too. Download fly from Concourse Downloads


Put mach in your PATH somewhere, ~/bin is a good spot if it is in your PATH.


List of commands that are supported:


  • sp set pipeline, will automatically create a pipeline based on the current working directory name, override with -p <pipeline> or specify in .mach file
  • up unpause pipeline
  • dp destroy pipeline
  • pp pause pipeline
  • spup set pipeline and unpause it


  • tj trigger job, will present a list of jobs based on the pipeline configuration file and allow user to select, and automatically uses the pipeline based on the current working directory name, override with -p <pipeline> -j <jobname>
  • w watch job
  • tjw trigger job then watch it
  • pj pause job
  • uj unpause job


  • cr check resource, will perform a check on a resource from a list based on the pipeline config, uses pipeline based on the current working directory, override with -p <pipeline> -r <resourcename>
  • pr pause resource
  • ur unpause resource

Using MACH

Run using mach <option>

Example usage

Change into a directory that contains a pipeline you want to set up, then run mach sp. MACH will check that the directory contains a pipeline and vars file, then it will pass off to fly using something like fly -t ${FLYTARGET} sp -c ${PIPEFILE} -l ${VARSFILE} -p $(basename ${PWD})

Set up

Create a .mach file in the directory with your pipeline and vars Use variables to define your MACH environment

Uses the .mach file to allow access to fly easily with shortcuts using preconfigured settings.

Populate your .mach file with your fly target by entering FLYTARGET=targetname

.mach file

Defaults to looking for ci/pipeline.yml and ci/vars.yml unless overrides using exports are in place

  • FLYTARGET=example sets your fly target
  • PIPEFILE=ci/pipeline.yml sets the pipeline file to use
  • VARSFILE=ci/vars.yml sets the vars file if you have one
  • PIPELINE=pipeline sets the name of your pipeline if it differs from the base directory name

MACH will source this file when executed from within the directory it is contained, and use the options defined inside.


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