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Welcome to SharedX β›΅

ShredX is an organisation for promoting Open Source Development among developers. It also helps you to come together from different backgrounds and collaborate together to learn something new.


Meet | Collaborate | Network | Grow

Why ShredX πŸ”°

ShredX is unique because it focuses on the following:

  • Express your interest to the people (like REDIS, React, Js, GoLang, Erlang)
  • Other people with the same interest can join you
  • Find a place & collaborate together
  • Small number of people (limited to 5)
  • Build small POCs, Small Basic version of complex apps Like facebook, youtube, blog, editor etc
  • Showcase (push) it to ShredX organisation
  • Extra perks
    • Lean more about both Git & GitHub by collaboration like branches, conflicts, pull requests, rebase, writing good commits
    • Code reviews of projects & unit tests 1
    • CI/CD 2

Get Started 🚦

  • Open an issue with any topic/technology from your bucket list
    • Please follow the issue_template3 and go through this issue before writing one
  • Alternatively you can vote for other open issues as well
  • Get together with people who share same interest

Gotchas ⚠️

  • Say an issue with REDIS got 10 votes then,

    • Two Teams containing 5 members each will be formed
    • Let the names be like Team A & Team B
    • We can have either 2 sessions, one with each team on different days
    • Run in parallel with both the teams in the same day
  • Your topic did not grab any atention

    • Well good idea is to wait till it manage to get people
    • If it's more than 20 days, we will merge it with other such topics

About the Name 🎭

X means it can be anything related to technology. Shred means tiny, everything revolves around this word.

  • Your project should be tiny so as to complete it in weekends
  • Weekends are itself very tiny
  • Team size is also very tiny (mininum 2 to maximun of 5)

Notes πŸ“

  • 1 : optional
  • 2 : optional
  • 3 Thanks for Melvin for the issue_template


Contact Email Domain City
Melvin Dsouza Web [Go, React, Angular] Gurgaon
Priyanka Negi Web [MERN] Noida
Rahul Rana Front End [React] Bangalore
Anit Dutta Web [MERN] & ML Bangalore

Contant Us

ShredX is started by Ashok Dey. You can read more about him


This repo introduces you to ShredX and is used for tracking the future & past events β›΅







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