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Welcome to SharedX

ShredX is an organisation for promoting Open Source Development among developers. It also helps you to come together from different backgrounds and collaborate together to learn something new.


Meet | Collaborate | Network | Grow

Why ShredX 🔰

ShredX is unique because it focuses on the following:

  • Express your interest to the people (like REDIS, React, Js, GoLang, Erlang)
  • Other people with the same interest can join you
  • Find a place & collaborate together
  • Small number of people (limited to 5)
  • Build small POCs, Small Basic version of complex apps Like facebook, youtube, blog, editor etc
  • Showcase (push) it to ShredX organisation
  • Extra perks
    • Lean more about both Git & GitHub by collaboration like branches, conflicts, pull requests, rebase, writing good commits
    • Code reviews of projects & unit tests 1
    • CI/CD 2

Get Started 🚦

  • Open an issue with any topic/technology from your bucket list
    • Please follow the issue_template3 and go through this issue before writing one
  • Alternatively you can vote for other open issues as well
  • Get together with people who share same interest

Gotchas ⚠️

  • Say an issue with REDIS got 10 votes then,

    • Two Teams containing 5 members each will be formed
    • Let the names be like Team A & Team B
    • We can have either 2 sessions, one with each team on different days
    • Run in parallel with both the teams in the same day
  • Your topic did not grab any atention

    • Well good idea is to wait till it manage to get people
    • If it's more than 20 days, we will merge it with other such topics

About the Name 🎭

X means it can be anything related to technology. Shred means tiny, everything revolves around this word.

  • Your project should be tiny so as to complete it in weekends
  • Weekends are itself very tiny
  • Team size is also very tiny (mininum 2 to maximun of 5)

Notes 📝

  • 1 : optional
  • 2 : optional
  • 3 Thanks for Melvin for the issue_template


Contact Email Domain City
Melvin Dsouza Web [Go, React, Angular] Gurgaon
Priyanka Negi Web [MERN] Noida
Rahul Rana Front End [React] Bangalore
Anit Dutta Web [MERN] & ML Bangalore

Contant Us

ShredX is started by Ashok Dey. You can read more about him


This repo introduces you to ShredX and is used for tracking the future & past events




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