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Installation instructions for Dorrie
Required packages:
- Django
- spin-kickstarts
- pytz
- sqlite
- python-sqlite2
- yum
- livecd-tools
- system-config-language
If you're choosing MySQL, replace the sqlite dependencies with the MySQL ones:
- mysql
- mysql-server
- mysql-admin
- MySQL-python
How to Install:
0. Change to dorrie directory::
$ cd dorrie
1. For SQLite you should be set with the default settings (only the
``DATABASE_NAME`` should be needed). For mysql define the mysql username and
password in ````::
DATABASE_USER = 'username'
Leave the host and port empty id the database is at the same mechine as the
2. Set ``CACHE`` to a directory writable by the user running the application.
3. Create the required table structure in the database::
$ python syncdb
How to run Dorrie
Before running server you have to make sure SELinux is enabled in your system.
Always run server as super user.
To run it as local instance, execute something like the following::
$ python runserver
To run this project under Apache, refer to the `Django Deployment Documentation`_.
.. _Django Deployment Documentation:
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