My battle tested NixOS configuration
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NixOS config of my computer

Tested with NixOS 18.09

How to install?

You need to setup partitions before you can setup this and these partitions are defined in the hardware-configuration.nix file in the repository. To install this configuration you need:

  1. "NixOS" labeled BTRFS partition where the operating system will be installed.
  2. "EFI" labeled EFI partition with boot flag where the bootloader will be installed.
  3. "Swap" labeled partition which will be used as Linux swap.

Please ensure that you have a working internet connection as this step will download a lot of data. You need to download the NixOS installer, boot with it and mount the partitions to install base system:

# mount /dev/disk/by-partlabel/NixOS /mnt
# mkdir /mnt/boot
# mount /dev/disk/by-partlabel/EFI /mnt/boot
# mkdir -p /mnt/etc/nixos
# cp <config path> /mnt/etc/nixos/
# nixos-install   # installs the base system

This will set you up with a bootable system and once it's finished, you will reboot into a configuration that matches what I'm running on my computer.

Notes to self

  1. (in comments) e: <var>
    Commented expr affects expr "var" in some way and this comment is used to mark relationship between them if they are defined at distant places.
    This is to make sure that I remember to update downstream expr if I update this expr.
    For example: environment.variables.EDITOR (= "nvim") depends on neovim being installed but they are defined at different places.