My entry for js13kgames 2018
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Go around the city looking for WiFi hotspots to complete the download and upload goals.

My entry for JS13kGames 2018.

Theme: offline


Repo tree as of submission · ZIP as of submission


For several reasons (including exams and lack of time management), my game didn't come out very polished.

This is very much a prototype. I never got to fully test the game so it might be unbeatable, it might be too easy. I don't even know. I made way too many compromises to meet the deadline. Not proud of the result. But then this was my first time making a game or even working with HTML5 Canvas. I definitely learn a hell lot.

I'll probably work on fixing bugs and improving the game even though the competition is already over.

I've written a blog post about my journey this year and the lessons I learnt.



Key Action
/ a turn the player left
/ d turn the player right
/ w move forward
/ s move backward
n list available networks
p pause the game


Licensed under GPL-3.