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Project submission for MSHack 2019
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The Problem

  • Indian roads are bumpy

  • Intended : Speed Breakers

    • Poorly painted/marked speed-breakers cause accidents : Speed breakers in India kill more people than accident do in UK, Australia
  • Unintended : Potholes

    • Potholes damage and slow down vehicles. Accidents too.

    • Road Accidents are common but response is delayed. Depends upon eye-witnesses or victims.

    • Accident prevention & alert measures exist for modern cars using sensors. Can’t be applied to existing vehicles without significant costs.

The Solution

We present an Android app that uses the MapMyIndia API, a phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope reading and a Machine Learning model to:

  • Non-intrusively detect road accidents and alert emergency response services automatically.

  • Intelligently track and display road conditions by identifying roads with potholes and suboptimal conditions.

  • Alert drivers about upcoming speed breaker based on historic data gathered from other drivers

  • Suggest routes based not just on traffic and distance, but also on road quality.

  • Create a call to action by alerting municipalities to fix potholes.

  • Provide a framework for individual contractors to bid on re-construction tasks based on crowd-sourced pothole data.

Who needs this

  • Ola/Uber - Route suggestions

  • Municipalities - Pothole tracking

  • Individual Contractors - Contracts to fix roads

  • Drivers (Janta) - Route suggestions, Speed breaker and Pothole warnings

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