A browser client for streaming music from the Subsonic music server
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Aurial is a browser-based HTML/JavaScript client interface for streaming music from a Subsonic service (Subsonic version 5.3 or later is currently required). It relies on a modern browser with <audio> support, and intentionally does not support the use of a Flash player.

Aurial's aim is to provide a simple, intuitive and straight-forward interface to browse and play Subsonic-hosted music, and to be as easy to deploy as it is to configure and use.

As such, it focusses exclusively on playback of your music library, and by design does not support Subsonic's other media types, such as video, podcasts and internet radio.

Live Demo

The latest build is always deployed at the above URL, feel free to make use of it for your own purposes, or play around with it prior to hosting your own copy.

Download and Installation

For convenience, the latest automated build is available for download, so you do not need to configure or set up a build environment (if you do want to build it yourself, see the instructions below).

To "install", simply extract the archive into a directory exposed via an HTTP service (there's no need for any server-side scripting or database), and browse to that location.

Configuration is done on the "Settings" tab of the main application interface.


Note that the current look and functionality may differ from what is shown here, as the application is still under development.

Browsing the library

Playing some music

Playlist support


The project is built via NPM and Webpack.

Install npm for your platform, and then execute the following in the project root directory (alternatively, yarn may also be used):

$ npm install
$ npm run <watch|dist|start>

A dist directory will be produced containing the built output, which may be served via an HTTP server and accessed via a web browser.

watch includes additional debug information, which may not be optimal for production or general-use deployments, and produces a significantly larger download; it recompiles code as changes are made. dist will produce uglified and minified output suitable for "production" deployment. start will run Aurial in Webpack's dev server on port 8080 (or next available port above that), and allows automatic reloading of the page as code changes are made.