Java utility and library to create halftone-effect images based on a source image
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Image Halftone

A Java utility or library for creating halftone-effect images based on a source image.


After cloning the project, execute ant within the project root directory to build. The runnable jar file will be placed within the dist directory.


Command Line


image-halftone.jar [options] <input-file> <output-file>

Options and defaults

  • --dot-size=5 - size of dots in pixels
  • --dot-space=2 - space between dots in pixels
  • --dot-shape=dot - shape of dots, either dot or block
  • --render-scale=6 - internally scales image up by this factor to ensure smooth dot rendering
  • --bg-color=0,0,0 - background color in format R,G,B, or empty to use the source image as a background
  • --fg-color=255,255,255 - dot color in format R,G,B, or blank to use colour of pixel from source image

As a Library

You may use this code in your own projects. Refer to the net.shrimpworks.halftone.Halftone class for Javadocs, and the Main class for an example of loading an image, generating output, and saving the generated image to disk.


Sample Gallery