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HTML/JavaScript application to present Markdown files as structured documentation
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A simple HTML and JavaScript application for organising individual Markdown documents as a documentation collection.

No pre-building, rendering or compiling of the documentation or indeces is required - the table of contents and HTML output is built and rendered at runtime in the client's browser.

The only preparation that's required is the definition of a small JSON index file, which determines which documents to include.

An example of Markdocs showing this README document is available.


Download or clone the Markdocs Git repository, and make it available via an HTTP service.

Configuring the index

Within the document root, you will find the index.json file. This file is used to configure which Markdown documents to include, as well as some other options like the page title.

Here is the content from a simple index.json:

  "title": "Documentation Collection",
  "showAll": false,
  "groups": [
      "group": "Markdocs",
      "contents": [
          "url": "",
          "depth": 3,
          "editUrl": "",
          "showSource": true
      "group": "Something Else",
      "contents": [
          "title": "Some Project",
          "url": "http://example.tld/",
          "depth": 2
          "url": "http://cors-proxy.tld/?",
          "depth": 2,
          "dataType": "json"

Field Definitions:

  • title
  • Overall page title.
  • showAll
  • If true, all documents specified in the index will be added to the page at startup, rather than on demand when clicked - this can be useful for contineuous reading.
  • groups[]
  • Array of group objects which make up the document index.
  • groups[].group
  • Group heading/title - used to organise the table of contents into groups.
  • groups[].contents[]
  • Array of document objects, each representing a Markdown document.
  • groups[].contents[].title
  • Optionally, a document title. Typically, the title will be defived from the first heading of the document.
  • groups[].contents[].url
  • URL of the Markdown document to include. Can be any format, local or remote. Same-origin restrictions apply, so a suitable "proxy" service or script may be required perform cross-domain requests.
  • groups[].contents[].depth
  • Specify the heading level that will be linked to in the table of contents.
  • groups[].contents[].dataType
  • Optionally, if using a "proxy" service or script which requires it, specify the expected content type.
  • groups[].contents[].editUrl
  • Optional URL linking to a page which allows users to edit this document.
  • groups[].contents[].showSource
  • Optionally set to true, will provide a link to the url for this document, allowing users to download or view the source document.
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