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Out of Eve is a web application which allows you to keep complete track of your EVE Online characters and corporations, when you're not in-game.
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Out of Eve


As of 08 May 2018, the EVE XML API has been deprecated and shut down. Out of Eve relies upon this API for accessing player data, and without it, will no longer remain functional. The only solution is to rewrite the API client implementation within OOE to make use of the new CREST API, but that's not work that's planned.

As of now, Out of Eve has reached it's end-of-life.

Out of Eve is a web application which allows you to keep complete track of your EVE characters and corporations, when you're not in EVE. Because it's web-based, all you need is a browser and internet access to keep tabs on your market orders, transactions, assets, manufacturing jobs, training, starbases, etc.

Out of Eve supports multiple characters across as many EVE accounts as you'd like, supports a full range of EVE personal and corporate API data, full item and ship reference, as well as a number of useful out-of-game utilities.

Last updated for: Citadel (May 2016)


System Requirements

  • Web server with PHP 5 (with curl module enabled)
  • MySQL



Installation is quite straight-forward. Extract and upload the entire contents of the outofeve-x.x source package to your web server.

Extract the ExpansionName_x.x_Types and ExpansionName_x.x_Icons packages from the community toolkit into the eveimages directory.


In addition to importing CCP's database dump, you will need to create an additional database for Out of Eve's users and EVE account details. Once you have a database created and ready, execute the contents of sql/install-db.sql on that database to create the required tables.

Initial Configuration

Before you can begin configuring settings, create a copy of includes/config.default.php named includes/config.php.

Whip open your new includes/config.php file, and make sure the settings are all suitable and match your environment. Most things should not need changing. Make sure the $config['site']['url'] option is correct; it should be the relative path to your Out of Eve site. For example, if you're running it from:

Then $config['site']['url'] should be set to /outofeve.

API Key Security

Before writing to the database, OOE encrypts API keys for an added layer of security - should your database be compromised, your API keys should remain secure, as long as the attackers do not have access to the key used to encrypt the keys -- the encryption is reversible by necessity since we still need to attach them to API requests.

The $config['site']['keypass'] option may be a random string of any length, which is used as the encryption key.

Cache Paths

Another option you may wish to change would be $config['eve']['cache_dir']. This option controls where cached API XML files are stored. It is recommended that you store these outside of any www-available paths, for example:

$config['eve']['cache_dir'] = '/var/cache/outofeve/'

Make sure the path is writable by the web server (either chmod or chown the directory with relevant options). By default this directory is just cache/ where you uploaded Out of Eve.

Storing these cache files outside of the website path improves security and reduces the chances of someone getting hold of your character data (no passwords, API keys, user IDs etc are stored in the cache, though).


To reduce load on your database, Out of Eve may optionally make use of one or more memcached instances to cache entities retrieved from the SDE database - significantly reducing the number of queries per page load (which can be hundreds or thousands on some pages).

All memcached related options are available in the $config['memcached'] option set.

Configuration of a memcached instance and related PHP modules is beyond the scope of this document.


Review the other available options, and once you are happy with config.php, the EVE SDE data has been imported, your Out of Eve database has been created, and the eveimages directory has been filled, you should be ready to go!


If you find Out of Eve useful, in-game ISK donations to "Azazel Mordred" are greatly appreciated!

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