@shrimpza shrimpza released this May 7, 2016 · 1 commit to master since this release

Assets 2

First release after a long hiatus. Updates for latest EVE API compatibility, revised a lot of the UI styling and markup, fixed a lot of bugs, generally smoothed off a bunch of rough edges.

Some changes in this version:

  • Brought API client up-to-date, including clients and related classes for blueprints, industry changes and job history, changes to character sheet, and more.
  • Updates for the latest SDE schema, particularly around industry and blueprints.
  • Cleaned up the interface, new landing pages, new login page, new menu which allows easy access to all information.
  • Implemented Memcached, which allows caching of SDE entities and reduces load on DB on each page load.
  • Fixed a lot of PHP related logging noise.
  • Upgrade dependencies with latest version, switched jQuery for Zepto.
  • Clean up all code, templates and markup.
  • Simplified the fitting UI in Assets view.
  • Improved account password security.
  • Other things.