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UTStatsDB Version 3.09

Following the release of 3.08, which focussed on providing modern DB and PHP support, this release begins to introduce some general codebase cleanup. Primarily, old styles are resource files have been removed, a lot of old code has been cleaned out and cleaned up, and many improvements have been made to SQL queries and caching to reduce DB load and improve page load times.

When upgrading, after applying the updated files, please visit the Admin page and click the "Update DB" menu link to update the database, which will resolve broken style issues following application of the new files.

For new installations, UT2004 map images are available from the 3.08 release.

Changes since 3.08

  • Clean out old resource files, remove some old styles.
  • Clean out upgrade code for versions < 3.07.
  • Add better time/duration display/format (eg. 15 minutes shows as "15m", rather than "0.25").
  • Consolidate and optimise several SQL queries using JOINs, rather than multiple repeat lookups.
  • In some cases, don't display stats section where no data is present (eg. "Vehicle and Turret Specific Information").
  • Cache (in-memory) several query results for faster execution.
  • Significantly reduce SQL query count during log parsing by optimising queries and caching. ~78% reduction in query count.
  • Use standard footer in admin pages.
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UTStatsDB Version 3.08

In addition to several new features, fixes and changes in 3.08, this release also incorporates changes for the previously-unreleased 3.07.

The most important changes are PHP 7 and PDO support for use with more modern PHP environments.

The binaries attached to this release include map images for UT2004, which can be extracted to the root of the installation to provide level preview images where appropriate in the UI.

Some screenshots showing the differences between the classic and new styles are available here.

Changes since 3.06

Version 3.08

  • Rewrite DB interface to use PDO, rather than mysql/sqlite/mssql directly.
  • Full PHP 7+ compatibility, cleanup various logged notices and warnings.
  • Fix missing fields in Special table definition for MSSQL and SQLite.
  • Fixed incomplete special event handling introduced in unrealeased 3.07.
  • Add support for Clear Data when using SQLite.
  • Add new modern layout/theme.
  • Show bot icon next to bots' names for clarity.
  • Show map image for last game logged.
  • Display version number in page footer.
  • Support for setting custom logo and link for page top-left, rather than always utlogo(layout).png.
  • Add Dockerfile and supporting Docker documentation.

Version 3.07

  • Fixed not being able to select to display bots or all players in player list.
  • Added Microsoft SQL support.
  • Added server activity by weekday.
  • Added .wgmainbox, .wgsubbox, .wgbarspace, .wgbar, .wgprespace, and .wglabel to style sheets.
  • Adjusted style information for server activity by hour.
  • Added language strings "LANG_ACTIVITYBYWEEKDAY" and "LANG_WEEKDAYS".
  • Fixed server activity for SQLite.
  • Allow use of utlogo(layout).png file for top left logo. Fallback to utlogo.png if image doesn't exist.
  • Fixed various issues in server query.
  • Rewrote documentation.
  • Added compatibility with non-standard game speeds.
  • Replaced depecated ereg_replace function.
  • Fixed suicide info for player specific match stats.
  • Added tables for handling special kill and weapon events.