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* #21 Get JsonP transport working on IE9 (Vladimir Dronnikov).
* #26 Emit heartbeat event.
* #27 Include license inline.
* SockJS-client can only send UTF-8 encodable strings. Previously we
took advantage of rich data structures and automatically
json-encoded them, but this got removed. Now, all data passed to
`send` will be converted to string. This is also how native
* `status` property on `EventClose` is renamed to `code`
as per Websocket API
WebSockets behave.
* The test server was updated to new `sockjs-node` API
* Fixed problem with Jsonp-polling transport on IE9
* Repository was moved - updated links.
* All transports were refactored, some transports were introduced:
htmlfile and separate xhr-streaming.
* Added logic to detect support for http chunking, and thus a
possibility to rule out streaming transports before running them.
* Added 'cookie' option, useful for cookie-based load balancing
(currently, it make a difference only for IE).
* Added hack to prevent EventSource from crashing Safari and Chrome.
* Loads and loads of other small and medium changes.
* Initial support for JSESSIONID based load balancing. Currently
doesn't play nicely with IE XDomainRequest transport.
* Initial release.