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(ns clj-dimension.estimation.correlation-integral
"Estimate the correlation integral and use it to
estimate the dimension of the dataset"
(:use [incanter core io stats charts]))
(defn plot-corr-integral
(map #(-> % first Math/log) (rest dist-counts))
(map #(-> % second Math/log) (rest dist-counts))
:x-label "log(Distance)"
:y-label "log(Number of Pairs)"))
(defn corr-integral-slope
(let [xs (map #(-> % first Math/log) (rest dist-counts))
ys (map #(-> % second Math/log) (rest dist-counts))]
(simple-regression ys xs)))
(defn distance-vs-count
"Expected data-structure:
{[i j] <dist between points i and j>
Returns for each dist how many pairs of points are within that
neighborhood of each other"
(fn [acc [a-distance count]]
(let [new-count (if (empty? acc)
(+ count (-> acc first second)))]
(cons [a-distance new-count] acc)))
(fn [[a-distance points]]
[a-distance (count points)])
(fn [acc [a-pair dist]]
(merge-with concat acc {dist [a-pair]}))
(sort-by second pair-dist-map)))))))
(defn estimate-dimension-matrix
"Estimate the dimension of the matrix"
(let [pair-dist-map (reduce
(fn [acc x]
(merge acc x))
(for [i (range (nrow the-matrix))
j (range (inc i) (nrow the-matrix))]
{[i j] (euclidean-distance
(nth the-matrix i)
(nth the-matrix j))}))]
(distance-vs-count pair-dist-map)))
(defn estimate-dimension
"Estimate the dimension of the provided dataset
using the grassberger procacia algorithm"
[a-dataset & options]
(let [the-matrix (to-matrix a-dataset)]
(let [dist-counts (estimate-dimension-matrix the-matrix)
plot-obj (plot-corr-integral dist-counts)
solution (corr-integral-slope dist-counts)]
(when (some #{:show-plot} options)
(view plot-obj))
{:estimated-dimension (-> solution :coefs last)
:dataset-dimension (ncol the-matrix)
:solution solution}))))