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master's thesis

This is a MATLAB class library for sturcturing hippocampal place field data. It also includes several methods to perform unit analysis and others to aid visualization. The purpose was to develop a class library to support different datasets. Currently, the "kenji" and "MTA" datasets are supported. To add more, the @GenericTrial/Convert2Generic.m has to be updated.


    variables - start with lower case letters
                exception, logical variables have all upper case letters
    methods   - start with upper case letters

The data has to be located in the ~/data// .

All results are saved to the ~//analysis folder.

For MTA dataset, the original tree structure is adopted for compatibility.

Class names:

    GenericTrial - The base class. This instances of this class have properties and methods to aid unit analysis. 
    GenericPF    - Place field calss. This class has additional properties and methods to assess place fields. 


    trial = GenericTrial('filebase', 'trialname');
    trial = GenericTrial('filebase');

    the trialname is prompted if not specified, all the trialnames are displayed for convenience

    Example : gt = GenericTrial('ec013.931_942', 'ec013.932')

For additional help, check " doc GenericTrial " or " doc GenericPF ".

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