MySQL backup script (bash)
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I have been using this script for years. Credit for the original script goes to the author (bofh468) of this article:

What does it do?
The script will connect to a MySQL database server and backup all of the databases running on the server. Files are saved with timestamps. Once you test the script, set it up in cron or as a launchdaemon for automated backups.

1. Add MySQL server username and password in the two places of script requiring entry
2. Modify the backup path if you want backups to be stored in a specific location
3. Set the MaxFileAge to the number of days you with to keep backups
4. Edit the included launchdaemon filename, plist Label and StartCalendarInterval Hour and Minute as desired for automatic execution. I place this file in /Library/LaunchDaemons. See info below on starting and stopping launchdaemons.
5. If you are running a Unix platform with crontab, you can add this line to your crontab to perform the same backup as the launchdaemon performs (remove quotes): 
"0   23   *   *   *   root    /opt/mysqlbackup/"

Starting and stopping using launchd:
% sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/net.shropnet.MySQLBackup.plist
% sudo launchctl start net.shropnet.MySQLBackup  

% sudo launchctl stop net.shropnet.MySQLBackup
% sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/net.shropnet.MySQLBackup.plist