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🎞 A browser extension that simplifies the Amazon Prime Video interface and adds useful features.
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Refined Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is great but its user interface is cluttered and sometimes very clunky to use. Refined Prime Video is a browser extension that cleans up the interface and adds useful features series enthusiasts won't want to live without ever again.

Please note that this extension does NOT work with It only supports,, and .de.



Continue watching

Wanna quickly continue watching your favorite series without drowning in the sea of thumbnails of Prime Video's home page or managing bookmarks? Just click on the Refined Prime Video icon, select the series from a list of things you've recently watched, and that's it! The episode you left off at will start playing instantly.

Hide spoilers

Accidentally scrolling too far down and catching a glimpse of a spoiler sucks. Refined Prime Video allows you to hide them by blurring the thumbnails and hiding the descriptions of episodes you haven't watched yet. You can control when that happens through a dropdown above the episode list.

See this feature in action

This feature can now be configured from the settings (extension icon → ⚙️) but still works the same way.

Improved top navigation

When watching movies or series, you don't care about what's in your Shopping Basket or what Today's Deals are. Refined Prime Video removes the default Amazon navigation and widens the search bar so you can more quickly find the movies and series you love.

See the difference

Clean user interface

At least the German Prime Video is cluttered with annoying banners telling you about supposedly new features that have existed for ages and other useless elements like share buttons or a note about their terms of use. Refined Prime Video gets rid of these things.

See the difference


While this browser extension is meant to be used alongside Amazon Prime Video, it is not "official" by any means. I am in no way affiliated with Amazon​.com, Inc.


MIT © Niklas Higi

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