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NPM Package Build Status License: MIT

PostCSS plugin to fallback break- properties with page-break- alias.

/* before */
.foo {
  break-inside: avoid;
  break-after: page;

/* after */
.foo {
  page-break-inside: avoid;
  break-inside: avoid;
  page-break-after: always;
  break-after: page;

Available fallbacks:

break-inside: auto        =>  page-break-inside: auto
break-inside: avoid       =>  page-break-inside: avoid
break-inside: avoid-page  =>  page-break-inside: avoid
break-inside: inherit     =>  page-break-inside: inherit
break-inside: initial     =>  page-break-inside: initial
break-inside: unset       =>  page-break-inside: unset

break-before: auto        =>  page-break-before: auto;
break-before: avoid       =>  page-break-before: avoid;
break-before: avoid-page  =>  page-break-before: avoid;
break-before: page        =>  page-break-before: always;
break-before: always      =>  page-break-before: always;
break-before: left        =>  page-break-before: left;
break-before: right       =>  page-break-before: right;
break-before: recto       =>  page-break-before: recto;
break-before: verso       =>  page-break-before: verso;
break-before: inherit     =>  page-break-before: inherit;
break-before: initial     =>  page-break-before: initial;
break-before: unset       =>  page-break-before: unset;

break-after: auto         =>  page-break-after: auto;
break-after: avoid        =>  page-break-after: avoid;
break-after: avoid-page   =>  page-break-after: avoid;
break-after: page         =>  page-break-after: always;
break-after: always       =>  page-break-after: always;
break-after: left         =>  page-break-after: left;
break-after: right        =>  page-break-after: right;
break-after: recto        =>  page-break-after: recto;
break-after: verso        =>  page-break-after: verso;
break-after: inherit      =>  page-break-after: inherit;
break-after: initial      =>  page-break-after: initial;
break-after: unset        =>  page-break-after: unset;


postcss([ require('postcss-page-break') ])

See PostCSS docs for examples for your environment (webpack, gulp, grunt).

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