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Ad-hoc peer-to-peer networking with MCSession
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A universal (iPhone/iPad) storyboard project that illustrates the ad-hoc networking features of MCSession. The app advertises itself to nearby iOS devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and automatically connects to available peers, establishing a peer-to-peer network.


You'll need to run at least two instances of the app to set up a P2P network. Build the application using Xcode and run it on a device or the simulator. Wait for another application instance to join the network. Devices / simulators must be on the same network or within Bluetooth range to see each other. Connected peers will appear in the peer list.

Please note: Bluetooth networking is not supported in Simulator.

Build requirements

Xcode 5, iOS 7.0 SDK, LLVM Compiler 4.1, Automated Reference Counting (ARC).

Runtime requirements

iOS 7.0 and later


The source code is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0


Forks, patches and other feedback are always welcome.

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