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@@ -48,9 +48,6 @@ or unpickle anything. Also works fine when querying; supports exact, in, and
isnull lookups. It should be noted, however, that calling QuerySet.values()
will only return the encoded data, not the original Python object.
-Please note that this is supposed to be two files, one and one (if you don't care about the unit tests, just use
This PickledObjectField has a few improvements over the one in snippet #513.
This one solves the DjangoUnicodeDecodeError problem when saving an object
@@ -89,10 +86,6 @@ want to encode and decode objects yourself. This is mostly useful for decoding
values returned from calling QuerySet.values(), which are still encoded
-The tests have been updated to match the added features, but if you find any
-bugs, please post them in the comments. My goal is to make this an error-proof
Note: If you are trying to store other django models in the PickledObjectField,
please see the comments for a discussion on the problems associated with doing
that. The easy solution is to put django models into a list or tuple before

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