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Xamarin Forms Tinted Image for iOS, Android & Universal Windows Platform
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Cross Platform Tinted Image

A simple custom control for tinting images in Xamarin Forms.

[This repository is no longer maintained]

Supported Platforms

The TintedImage control supports native renderer implementations for the following platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Universal Windows Platform

iPhone 6s Screenshot Nexus 6 Screenshot Windows 10 Mobile Screenshot


  • Available on NuGet: Plugin.CrossPlatformTintedImage
  • Install into your shared PCL project and Platform projects.
  • Make sure to initialize the renderer in your iOS, Android, and UWP projects as shown below:

Sample Usage

  • In Xaml:
    <controls:TintedImage TintColor="Blue" />
  • In Code:
var tintedImage = new TintedImage { TintColor = Color.Blue };

For more details, refer to the demo app.


Tinting can be disabled by setting TintColor to Transparent. This will display the original image.