Adobe Illustrator add-on which loads and executes Tool type script files using paper.js.
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Adobe Illustrator (CC 2014-2018) add-on with following functions.
(Japanese README is here)

  • loads and executes a script file written for paper.js.
    (at the initial state, you can use a simple drawing tool.)
  • exports the image created on the panel onto the artboard.
  • imports selected paths on the artboard onto the panel.

image of the panel


Because of the character of this add-on that loads external script files, it is released with an assumtion of doing debugs. Installation steps are as follows.

  1. Setting the debug mode flag refer to Adobe's document CC14_Extension_SDK.pdf at page 10.
  2. Put the folder "com.shspage.csxs.plaincanvas" in the right folder refer to the page 5 of above document ("Extension management" section).
  3. Launch Illustrator and navigate Window -> Extensions fo find plainCanvas.

buttons on the panel

  • in : imports selected paths on the artboard onto the canvas
  • out : exports the image created on the canvas onto the artboard
  • opt : shows/hides the form for optional values
  • < : undo
  • > : redo
  • CL : clears the canvas
  • DB : opens the debug tool with a default browser.
  • RL : reloads the extention panel

loading a script file

  • Drag and drop a script file you want to load onto the panel.
  • Drawing on the panel will be cleared after loading is complete.

script files that can be loaded

  • There're some sample scripts in "scripts" folder.
  • Write in JavaScript (not paperscript). For details, see "Using JavaScript Directly" in
    ex: new Path() -> new paper.Path() // or use "with(paper){" statement
    ex: point1 + point2 -> point1.add(point2)
    ex: function onMouseDown(event) -> tool.onMouseDown = function(event)
  • Set the character encoding to UTF-8.
  • You can use the UIs for optional values with simple methods. see "js/optionManager.js".
  • You can set a drawn object as a target for undo/redo by calling the method like this.

Note that undoed objects are just hidden, and still exists in the current paper.project.


  • Since html5 canvas uses RGB color, imported CMYK and GRAY colors may look different from they look on the artboard.
  • If ALWAYS_EXPORT_RGB (js/main.js) is set false, the original CMYK colors are kept in memory and are applied when they are exported. (When DefaultColorSpace of the artboard is CMYK.)
  • If ALWAYS_EXPORT_RGB is true, GRAY colors are exported in RGB.
  • Gradient color and spot color are not supported for now.

exports to an artboard

  • Following attributes of paper.Path instance on the canvas are exported.
    segments, strokeWidth, strokeColor, fillColor, opacity

imports from an artboard

  • Following attributes of selected PathItems are imported.
    pathPoints, strokeWidth, strokeColor, fillColor.
  • Grouped paths and compoundpaths are imported in released condition.



  • Improved to prevent the text on the panel from being selected by dragging.
  • The script file is loaded by drag-and-drop to the panel.


  • Improved to invalidate drop to panel except when loading.


  • Removed the "load" button. A drop of a script file is always accepted.
  • Simplified optionManager methods. Updated the contents of the sample script accordingly.
  • Expanded the maximum panel size to 2000 x 2000 pixels.

TODO / known issues

  • TODO: Review the external script file reading method.
  • The black and white of the figure captured from the artboard may be reversed.
  • When exporting, there may be cases where the context of things captured from the artboard and those drawn on the canvas are incorrect.
  • TODO: use importSVG, exportSVG to exchange data with artboard ?


  • When you distribute a modified version, make sure changing the bundle ID. It is represented as "com.shspage.csxs.plaincanvas" in CSXS/manifest.xml and .debug.

  • Copyright (c) 2015 Hiroyuki Sato. All rights reserved.
    This software is distributed under the MIT License.
    See the LICENSE.txt for details.
    This software uses the following libraries that may have licenses differing from that of the software itself. You can find the libraries and their respective licenses below.

  • Paper.js v0.9.23 - The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting.
    Copyright (c) 2011 - 2014, Juerg Lehni & Jonathan Puckey &
    All rights reserved.

  • Creative Cloud Extension Builder for Brackets
    Copyright (c) 2012 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.