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Sensitivity Analysis of Deep Neural Networks (AAAI-19 paper)
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This is the repository for the following AAAI-19 paper:

Shu, H., and Zhu, H. (In press) Sensitivity Analysis of Deep Neural Networks. The Thirty-Third AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-19). arXiv:1901.07152

Also see the talk slides.

Use and to obtain the CIFAR10 and MNIST datasets. and are the two networks, which are called to be trained by,, or

Then for the two benchmark datasets, take CIFAR10 and DenseNet121 for example. Run for Setup X in the paper, where X=1,2,3,4. To summarize the results, first use the R code CIFAR10_DenseNet121_IF_setupX_result.R, and then use the python code for the plots.

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