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Code examples for the new features of iOS 9.

How to build

JUST BUILD with Xcode 7.


Map Customizations

Flyover can be selected with new map types, and Traffic, Scale and Compass can be shown.

Text Detector

Text detection using new detector type "CIDetectorTypeText".

New Image Filters

New filters of CIFilter which can be used for Still Images.

NOTE: 29 filters are supported in this example, however "CISpotLight" don't work correctly with current code. I would much appreciated your pull request!

Audio Unit Component Manager

Retrieve audio unit components using AudioUnitComponentManager and apply them to a sound using some new methods. If there are some Audio Unit Extensions, they will be also shown in the components list.

Speech Voices

Example for new properties which are added to AVSpeechSynthesisVoice such as language, name, quality...


Animation example using CASpringAnimation.


Auto Layout example using UIStackView.

Selfies & Screenshots

Fetch photos filtered with new subtypes PHAssetCollectionSubtype.SmartAlbumSelfPortraits and PHAssetMediaSubtype.PhotoScreenshot which are added to Photos framework.

String Transform

String transliteration examples using new APIs of Foundation framework.

Core Image Transitions

New transition effects which are added to CITransitionCategory.

Search APIs

Example for Search APIs using NSUserActivity and Core Spotlight.

Content Blockers

Example for Content Blocker Extensions.


Open web pages with SFSafariViewController.

Attributes of New Filters

Extract new filters of CIFilter using kCIAttributeFilterAvailable_iOS. There are 41 new filters.

Low Power Mode

Detect changes of "Low Power Mode" setting.

New Fonts

Gallery of 31 new fonts.

Contacts (Created by manhattan918)

Contacts framework sample.

ReplayKit (Created by manhattan918)

ReplayKit framework sample.

Quick Actions (3D Touch)

Press the Icon on Home screen deeply, so you can access to the shortcut menu.

Please see UIApplicationShortcutItems key in Info.plist and application:performActionForShortcutItem:completionHandler: method in AppDelegate to know how it's implemented.

NOTE: Your device have to support 3D Touch.

Force Touch (3D Touch)

Visualize the forces of touches using new properties of UITouch force and maximumPossibleForce.

NOTE: Your device have to support 3D Touch.

Live Photos

Show a Live Photo using PHLivePhoto and PHLivePhotoView which are added in iOS 9.1.


You can check the examples for watchOS 2 features on watchOS-2-Sampler!!


Shuichi Tsutsumi

iOS freelancer in Japan. Welcome works from abroad!

Support via PayPal

Special Thanks

The icon is designed by Okazu


Code examples for the new features of iOS 9.




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