Code examples for the new features of iOS 7.
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Code examples for the new functions of iOS 7.


Dynamic Behaviors

Dynamic Behaviours using UIDynamicAnimator, UIGravityBehavior, UICollisionBehavior, UIDynamicItemBehavior.

Speech Synthesis

Synthesized speech from text using AVSpeechSynthesizer and AVSpeechUtterance.

Custom Transition

UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning, UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate.

3D Map

3D Map using MKMapCamera.


Region monitoring demo using iBeacon.

Related Repository: PulsingHalo

240fps Video Recording

SLO-MO video recorder using AVFoundation. It works with 240fps on iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, etc.


See the 120fps Slo-Mo video in Vimeo 120fps.

Related Repository: SlowMotionVideoRecorder

Smile Detection

Smile Detection using CIDetectorSmile and new properties of CIFeature such as "bounds".


Image Filters

New filters of CIFilter.

  • CILinearToSRGBToneCurve
  • CIPhotoEffectChrome
  • CIPhotoEffectFade
  • CIPhotoEffectInstant
  • CIPhotoEffectMono
  • CIPhotoEffectNoir
  • CIPhotoEffectProcess
  • CIPhotoEffectTonal
  • CIPhotoEffectTransfer
  • CISRGBToneCurveToLinear
  • CIVignetteEffect

Sprite Kit

A sample of Sprite Kit using SKView, SKScene, SKSpriteNode, SKAction.

Map Directions

Requesting and draw directions using MKDirections, MKDirectionsResponse and MKPolylineRenderer.


Motion Effects (Parallax)

Parallax effect using UIMotionEffect.

Multipeer Connectivity

Creating a local network sharing connection over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth LE.


New Activity Types: AirDrop, Post to Flickr / Vimeo, Add to ReadingList

QR Code Reader

Detect QR codes with AVMetadataObjectTypeQRCode which is added into AVMetadataObjectTypes.

QR Code Generator

Generating QR Code with CIQRCodeGenerator.

Motion Activity Tracking

Counting steps and monitoring the activity using CMStepCounter and CMMotionActivityManager. It works only on iPhone5s (M7 chip).

Static Map Snapshots

Creating a snapshot with MKMapSnapshotOptions, MKMapSnapshotter.

Safari Reading List

Adding an item to the Safari Reading List with the new Safari Services framework.

New Fonts

Displaying new fonts with their FontNames which are needed for "fontWithName:size:" method of UIFont.

Spring Animation

Performs animations using a timing curve described by the motion of a spring.

Web Pagination

Pagination sample for web pages. It uses new property "paginationMode" of UIWebView.

Special Thanks

Icons and LaunchImages are designed by Okazu


Shuichi Tsutsumi

iOS freelancer in Japan. Welcome works from abroad!