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A collection of libraries and tools written in Go.
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GoDoc Go Report Card

A collection of libraries and tools written in Go.

1. Command Line Interface

  • gofmtcomment: Program to convert multilines "/*\*/" comment into single line "//" format.

2. Libraries

  • bytes: A library for working with slice of bytes.

  • contact: A library to import contact from Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo

  • crypto: Package crypto provide a wrapper for standard crypto package.

  • dns: A library for working with Domain Name System (DNS) protocol.

  • dsv: A library for working with delimited separated value (DSV).

  • email: A library for working with Internet Message Format as defined by RFC 5322.

    • dkim: A library to parse and create DKIM-Signature header field value, as defined in RFC 6376.

    • maildir: A library to manage email using maildir format.

  • errors: Package errors provide an error type with code.

  • floats: A library for working with slice of floats.

  • git: A wrapper for git command line interface.

  • http: Custom HTTP server with memory file system and simplified routing handler.

  • ini: A library for reading and writing INI configuration as defined by Git configuration file syntax.

  • ints: A library for working with slice of integer.

  • ints64: A library for working with slice of 64 bit integer.

  • io: A library for reading and watching file, and reading from standard input.

  • memfs: A library for mapping file system into memory.

  • mining: A library for data mining.

    • classifier/cart: Implementation of the Classification and Regression Tree by Breiman, et al.

    • classififer/crf: Implementation of the Cascaded Random Forest (CRF) algorithm, proposed by Baumann, Florian, et al.

    • classifier/rf: Implementation of ensemble of classifiers using random forest algorithm by Breiman and Cutler.

    • gain/gini: A library to calculate Gini gain.

    • knn: Implementation of the K Nearest Neighbor (KNN) using Euclidian to compute the distance between samples.

    • math: A library for working with mathematic.

    • resampling/lnsmote: Implementation of the Local-Neighborhood algorithm from the paper of Maciejewski, Tomasz, and Jerzy Stefanowski.

    • resampling/smote: Implementation of the Synthetic Minority Oversampling TEchnique (SMOTE).

    • tree/binary: Implementation of binary tree.

  • net: Constants and library for networking.

  • numbers: A library for working with integer, float, slice of integer, and slice of floats.

  • runes: A library for working with slice of rune.

  • smtp: A library for building SMTP server or client. This package is working in progress.

  • strings: A library for working with slice of string.

  • tabula: A library for working with rows, columns, or matrix (table), or in another terms working with data set.

  • test: A library for helping with testing.

  • text: A library for working with text.

  • time: A library for working with time.

  • websocket: Websocket library for server and client. The websocket is tested with autobahn testsuite with 100% success rate. See the status reports.

3. Changelog

4. Documentations

Beside GoDoc, that provides documentation for API in packages, there are also additional documentations that we can’t include inside source code due to their scope and limitation of godoc formatting itself.

The links below is used to be viewed locally, not through Github.


The documentation created using asciidoctor. First, install ruby and bundler, and then execute bundler on source root directory.

During development of documentation execute,

$ bundler exec guard -i

to watch changes on documentation files (".adoc") and regenerate the HTML files.

5. Credits

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