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Heroku Buildpack with binaries for image-optim
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Heroku Image-Optim Buildpack

Add binaries for image-optim on Heroku, can be used with heroku-buildpack-multi.

Built-in support for image-optim gem, creation of .image-optim.yml config file.

Binaries in this buildpacks :

  • cwebp
  • dwebp
  • advpng
  • gifsicle
  • jpegoptim
  • jpegtran
  • optipng
  • pngcrush

Binaries are in this git repo in vendor/image-optim

On compilation :

  • Binaries are copied into vendor/image-optim
  • Symlink to binaries is added to ensure next buildpacks will have binaries available
  • vendor/image-optim is added to PATH through a .profile.d script
  • Add config file .image-optim.yml if Gemfile present
  • Version of each binaries is displayed
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